Thursday, December 27, 2012

Update from CAAP on Marriage Votes

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As you well know, Mr. Obama gave his support to same-sex marriage last May. The Coalition of African American Pastors (CAAP) asked him to reconsider. He refused, ignoring our local and national press conferences and events, and our personal letter of appeal.
Nonetheless, CAAP generated substantial press coverage over the past several months and tens of thousands visited our website and signed The Marriage Pledge. We made thousands of friends and allies in our mandate to help stop what we believe was a big step towards moving our country down a slippery slope.
 I want to thank you for standing with us and for signing our pledge.
Following Mr. Obama's lead many voters supported same-sex marriage at the ballot boxes in Washington, Maryland, and Maine. We were defeated but we are not discouraged. In fact, I am encouraged because up until this last election, every time there was a marriage initiative on the ballot, African Americans voted overwhelmingly in support of traditional marriage. Why? We voted according to our strong religious convictions not according to our party affiliation.
While some blacks might have felt obligated to support President Obama's endorsement of gay marriage, we must return to our founding faith, the principles that have brought us through slavery, Jim Crow, Segregation and every obstacle unimaginable. It was faith in God that allowed so many men and women to risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones and speak out against injustices. Yes, Black men and women have been the conscience of America for a long time. This is not the time to give into peer pressure and abandon our faith in God. We can't abandon marriage, my friend.
 Many would have us believe that it is time for marriage equality and that those who stand for traditional marriage are out of step and are living in bygone era. I don't believe that.              
 The Church has to be the voice for what is just and right in our nation.
Too much is at stake to do any less. A fully functional, mature family consists of a mother and father and children. God ordained it so. Only male and female can produce offspring. It is just that way
If we allow marriage to be redefined, it is the beginning of losing our religious liberties and the beginning of persecution for Christians who support God centered principles. There are groups who take it upon themselves to identify other groups who don't believe in same-sex unions as hate groups. Why? Because they disagree with those who simply believe in the God ordained institution of marriage and refuse to buy into the hype of the LGBT community that it is their right to marry.
So what do we do? We keep fighting for what we know is true, noble, right and just: marriage between one man and one woman. We pray for God's wisdom in this fight against principalities and rulers of this world. We educate the populous about the misnomers of same-sex marriage. We support traditional marriage next year at the ballot boxes in states where it will be on the ballot.
Stay tuned for information on states where we are sure to be in a fight to save traditional marriage.  We are going to need your help in those states to help save marriage.
Yes, there is strength in numbers and we must build a grassroots movement of like-minded individuals across this great nation to help us win the war on traditional marriage and the family. We must return to our faith and stand once again for our God-given convictions.
Don't be fooled, intimidated or ridiculed for taking a stand for marriage. Ultimately, the Supreme Court, the highest court in our nation, will render a verdict. We must let our collective voices be heard NOW before it is too late. We are planning on joining with several organizations to let the Justices know that public opinion does matter. Defense of marriage is not a defeated issue in America. Please join us in our efforts.
And please visit our new and improved website at There will be updates on our website about how you might become a member of CAAP, how you might join us at our upcoming rallies, and most importantly how you might help us help traditional marriage next year. We are destined to win!
Please pass this e-mail along to your friends and please let us know how you might support this important cause.
Pressing on toward the mark.

William Owens 
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