Sunday, January 13, 2013

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Dear Friend,

We were informed that this January would be full of tough, tough battles, with gay marriage advocates pushing gay marriage legislation in several states where they perceive a strong win.  
This comes on the heels of President Obama endorsing same-sex unions, along with organizations such as the NAACP, certain influential entertainers, and politicians who have followed his lead.
Now, some Black pastors and leaders in Illinois are siding with the LGBT community and are encouraging the Illinois Legislature to legalize same-sex marriage. However, as of last week, there has been no vote because they lacked enough votes to pass the bill on the senate floor. This is encouraging.
The truth is that same-sex marriage is not a civil rights issue because it is not about equality. As I have said over and over again, one cannot and must not compare this with the indignities Blacks suffered to gain basic human rights afforded to every person under the United States Constitution.
Many have been made to believe that it is a social justice issue and the LGBT community needs to be liberated and set free. Our coalition of pastors agrees that there are areas that need to be addressed within the LGBT community, particularly with the youth and especially with the AIDS epidemic. As Christians it is our duty to offer help to those who need it, if possible. But redefining marriage for all Americans in the name of equality or justice is not negotiable.
We cannot allow the few to defeat the many. I know there are pastors and leaders who disagree with the direction this country is headed. I hear from many of them on a daily basis. As Christians, we don't have to cave into the desires and wishes of a small group of people who happen to have large sums of money to push their agenda in the media and elsewhere! We must and should stand for what is true, good, and right. We don't have to follow President Obama, the NAACP, the media or anyone else who has decided to go along with same-sex marriage.
The media should not have a greater impact on what Christians believe. Pastors owe it to their members to speak the truth about marriage and not fall prey to the "powers that be." How can a pastor let the media or President Obama lead his flock? It is irresponsible to say the least. Their members should hold them accountable.
But, I may be forgetting that for some it is easier to go along with wrong than it is to speak the truth. Well as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.
We at CAAP will continue to fight for what is good and right. We will not give up on marriage. We will not cave in to the pressure to go along with the masses. We will not abandon our faith. We encourage you to do the same.  If you live in Illinois, please let your politicians know you want them to come to their senses and support marriage between one man and one woman.
It is critical that our voices are heard. Take a minute to call your state senators today!
Deborah and I appreciate your prayers and your support.
William Owens 

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