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: I could have used some help when I was a teenager...

Dear IHF Supporter,

When I was eight years old, I was sexually abused every week for an entire year. This created a lot of sexual confusion in me. When I became a teenager, I struggled with unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA) as a result of the abuse.

At the age of twelve, my father took me to see our church pastor after he found out I was experimenting sexually. While my pastor was a good and decent man, he did not have the necessary skills to help me open up about my struggle with SSA. After that counseling session, I never sought help for SSA until I was in my early 20s.

Ten years passed. Ten years of sexual confusion. Ten years of sexual addiction. Ten years of homosexual behavior. Ten years of pre-marital sex. Ten years of compulsive pornography use. Ten years of smoking, drinking, and experimental drug use. Ten years of rejection from other guys. Ten years of bullying because of my perceived sexual orientation. Ten years of anger. Ten years of tears. Ten years of heartache. Ten years of pain.

If I had a competent, knowledgeable counselor to help me work through the sexual abuse, I might have avoided those ten years of pain and confusion!

However, there is hope! In spite of my own negative experiences, today I have experienced healing from unwanted SSA and am married to a beautiful woman, and together we have two children (and one on the way)!

Every week, I get calls from mothers and fathers who are concerned about their teenagers' homosexual feelings. I have the pleasure to work with many of these teens in therapy (as young as 13) to help them resolve their unwanted SSA. My hope is for these young people to resolve their issues now so they don't have to deal with this pain and heartache when they are older, like I had to do.

As you read this, anti-ex-gay activists are trying to convince state and federal law makers to make it illegal for licensed mental health practitioners to help young people experience freedom from unwanted SSA. Currently, two federal lawsuits are on the dockets in the state of California from clients and counselors whose rights have been taken away by SB1172, the bill in California signed into law by Governor Brown that has outlawed sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) for minors.

The anti-ex-gay activist's plan is introduce similar legislation in every state for minors. After they succeed, they will attempt to outlaw SOCE for everyone, adults included.

If you are a ministry leader or a part of a faith-based organization that counsels men and women with unwanted SSA, DO NOT THINK FOR ONE SECOND that you will not be next! Anti-ex-gay activists will not rest until all of our rights are taken away to give and receive counseling, and teenagers are left to deal with the pain and sexual confusion by themselves, much like I had to do in my youth.

To battle this injustice, IHF has initiated an online petition to deliver to U.S. Congress, New Jersey Assembly, and the Pennsylvania Legislature, asking them to oppose any legislation or resolution that would infringe upon our constitutional rights of self-determination. Our initial goal is 1,000 signatures, but with your help, I know we can reach at least 10,000 signature in the next month!

1. Click the weblink below and sign the petition.

2. After you sign, share the petition on your personal and organization's Facebook page.

3. Include a small blurb of the petition on your organization's website, with a weblink that directs visitors to our petition webpage so they may sign.

4. Forward the e-mail below to your organization's e-mail list and ask them to sign the petition.

5. Don't procrastinate or think your signature and voice doesn't matter!

Together, we can reach tens of thousands of concerned citizens and send a clear message to Washington, DC, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (and to the anti-ex-gay activists) that we are united and ready to fight to protect our rights and our children!
Stronger Together,

Christopher Doyle, M.A.
International Healing Foundation
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Bowie, MD 20718
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Support the Human Right of Self-Determination for Individuals with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) to Receive Counseling and Psychological Treatment


We need to act now. In 2012, efforts on the state and national level have been made to take away the rights of minors (under the age of eighteen) who experience unwanted same-sex attraction, their families, and the counselors who help them, to receive therapy and psychological support to change and/or diminish their unwanted same-sex attraction, also known as Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE).

In sum, these laws, bills, and resolutions are an unconstitutional infringement, and represent viewpoint discrimination for persons, families, and counselors who believe that same-sex attraction can be diminished or changed as a result of counseling and therapy. If we don't act now, these threats will go unchallenged through state assemblies and U.S. Congress.


By signing this petition, you will let members of Congress and State Assemblies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania know that you support the rights of persons with unwanted SSA to receive counseling, and for parents to have the right to allow their children to be counseled by therapists who uphold and agree with their values and beliefs. Read More...




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