Thursday, January 17, 2013

Support Our Children's Rights!


Support the Human Right of Self-Determination for Individuals with Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) to Receive Counseling and Psychological Treatment


We need to act now. In 2012, efforts on the state and national level have been made to take away the rights of minors (under the age of eighteen) who experience unwanted same-sex attraction, their families, and the counselors who help them, to receive therapy and psychological support to change and/or diminish their unwanted same-sex attraction, also known as Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE).

In sum, these laws, bills, and resolutions are an unconstitutional infringement, and represent viewpoint discrimination for persons, families, and counselors who believe that same-sex attraction can be diminished or changed as a result of counseling and therapy. If we don't act now, these threats will go unchallenged through state assemblies and U.S. Congress.


By signing this petition, you will let members of Congress and State Assemblies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania know that you support the rights of persons with unwanted SSA to receive counseling, and for parents to have the right to allow their children to be counseled by therapists who uphold and agree with their values and beliefs. Read More...







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