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Lent Devotion 3: True Worship

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Lent Devotion 3: True Worship
by Andrew Comiskey
Andrew Comiskey

'For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.' (Matt. 6: 21)

A few years ago, my teenage son told me that the largest evangelical church in our city was winning over many of his friends. His concern? Those new converts continued in sexual immorality as the church 'did not make a big deal about premarital sex.' Later I read one of the pastor's books in which he conveyed quietly that Christians had to become 'gay-affirming' if they wanted to be relevant to a new era.

Last month that pastor presided over President Obama's inaugural prayer breakfast. Barack's first pastoral choice had been cut at the last minute when it was discovered that he had a 'homosexuality, sin, and healing' sermon in his preaching history.

What we worship will be reflected in our sexual ethics. Such was the case for the Church at Pergamos, the third church Jesus addressed in Revelation (2: 12-17)

Pergamos was the Washington DC of Asia; its name allegedly means 'married to power.' Any citizen of Pergamos would have been surrounded by smart focused people aspiring to go places with people a little more important than they were. Power and false worship, or idolatry, go hand-in-hand. We give our hearts to what matters most to us. Social significance mattered to the Pergamons. . . . . .

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