Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maryland Transvestite Bill


As concerned Maryland Citizens, we are writing to ask you to vote NO on the pending Senate Bill 449 “Fairness for All Marylanders Act of 2013”


SB 449 is highly objectionable for a number of reasons. Five of the most significant and serious ones are:


  • This proposed law creates a public safety hazard for women and children in public accommodations and school locker rooms. Is that fair? Females have a right to their privacy "The great majority of cross-dressers are biological males, most of whom are sexually attracted to women."  [American Psychological Association] Their sexual orientation does not change. This proposed law also ignores that not all persons claiming to be transgender are really so. Their claim could be fraudulent and opportunistic. How will an employer know?


  • Are Maryland citizens willing to allow schools to teach the condoning of castration, either from chemical hormone-blocking injections or physically removing sex organs, for adults and children if a student asks, “How can I change my sex?” [1]


  • This proposed law could destroy gender specific sports in schools. Girls and boys have different levels of athletic ability, size and strength and, in many sports it is unrealistic and unsafe for them to compete against each other. Sports organizations will not be sure who is competing in women's events. Is that fair to women?


  • How will these law impact religious institutions? For example, will the Catholic Church now be required to accept a transgender female claiming to be a man as a priest? Can ministers of religion refuse to marry a person they suspect may be a "modified" male? Are religious institutions exempt?


  • The proposed, flawed law SB449 sufficiently and incorrectly defines "gender identity as follows:




  • This definition is unconstitutionally vague.


  • Using “Gender identity” to mean “gender-related identity” tells the public nothing. It is circular. Laws have to have a clear meaning and not confuse the public.


  •  Subjective mental thoughts about sex are too amorphous to be used as a basis to change the law.


  • What “expression”? This Definition will change the court’s legal interpretation of what a person is with respect to biological differences, to what a person thinks or just says or “expresses”.

·        A mammal’s sex is determined by chromosomes, not an amorphous thought, amorphous appearance, amorphous expression or amorphous behavior. Will schools be forced to teach this new science?


  • What “appearance”? For how long? Subjective “appearance” is too amorphous to be used as a basis to change the law


  • What “behavior”? For how long? Subjective “behavior” is too amorphous to be used as a basis to change the law.


  • Persons with a “gender identity” that is contrary to their birth sex are mentally ill and are living in a fantasy world according to the American Psychiatric Association Handbook of Mental Disorders.


  • Even the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in a report admit that when gender related identity respondents were asked, “People can tell I’m transgender even if I don’t tell them” only 6% said “always”, 16% “most of the time”, 27% “sometimes”, 29% “occasionally”, 21% “never

 Please vote NO on this proposed Law SB449



[1], Castrating Children




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