Thursday, February 7, 2013

News from Dr. Grossman

News from Dr. Grossman

Miriam Grossman MD
Miriam Grossman MD


"You've become a household name here at Hopkins psychiatry as the best contemporary example of a good doctor who notices what is happening around her and to her patients and strives to do something about it."  - PAUL MCHUGH, MD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine "

"Congratulations on being a light in the darkness."  - JEROME SINSKY, MD, Gynecologist, San Diego, CA "

"There are many of us [campus physicians] who agree with you....You are not alone in your observations and concerns." - PATRICIA GEIGER, MD, Director of Student Health Services, Appalachian State University "


With the launching in November of my new website, I am thrilled to have many new supporters, from all over the world. When I first "came out" in 2006 and exposed the dangers of sexuality education, I assumed my audience would be limited to the United States. I never imagined it would include Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Guatemala, and many other countries. Thank you for your interest and support! For those of you who have known and supported me and my mission for years, thank you! You are all a great source of encouragement in this uphill battle.

Recently there have been some astonishing discoveries, such as a connection between childhood epilepsy and maternal HPV and the appearance of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea in North America. Young people, especially women, must understand these dangerous developments. Sex educators and health providers must teach our children these harsh truths about the real world, and warn them about the reality of sex, even with "protection". But don't hold your breath. 

I have some exciting speaking engagements coming up, including at the United Nations and at the World Congress of Families in Sydney, Australia....stay tuned for details! For the most up to date information like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter

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