Monday, February 4, 2013

Open letter to the Boy Scouts from a Parent

As a former Life Scout, I am dismayed to learn that the Boy Scouts of America is considering lifting its protective ban on homosexuals serving openly in adult and other leadership positions in Boy Scout troops. I hope you will keep the policy as it is.


Personally, as a scout I was the son of a single mother. I found scouting to be a positive environment meeting the needs that I had in the absence of my father who left my mother and was unfaithful. The role models and male leadership provided by the married (and unmarried) morally straight men who were leaders in our troop - troop 319 in Canaan NH- were instrumental in helping me succeed in spite of my circumstances.  Unfortunately, statistics show that young men like me who grew up in homes like mine often end up in prison or worse. 


The scout oath, law and moral example of my male leaders were standards that shaped my world view and have helped me establish an intact family with seven children today.  My experience over the years was that I there were numbers of homosexuals who sought me out and tried to take advantage of what appeared to be a young fatherless boy. By God's grace, I did not succumb to those who sought to prey on me. But many could be seduced and taken advantage of - consider the Penn State scandal for example.  I am certain that the presence of open homosexuals would have not only been dangerous but would have influenced me in very negative ways.  Boy Scouts of America has stood for over 100 years in defense of strong moral values.


While it might seem "democratic" to allow regional or sponsoring organizations to determine for themselves what their policies will be towards homosexuality, the young boys that make up these troops deserve better. They deserve the steadfast protection of the national organization that stands by truth and for morality as embodied in the Scout Law and Oath.


Please don't make such a dreadful and damaging change for political or any reason. Don't desert these young men and boys - many who are like I was - in need positive role models.  Homosexuality is neither a positive choice nor a positive example for young boys. 


Homosexuality is an immoral choice that is unhealthy and like any sexual immorality,  neither morally straight, pure, clean nor reverent.  The FACT is that many, perhaps not all or perhaps not most, homosexuals prey on young men and boys.  It would be a monumental travesty if you changed the national policy.  In my opinion, such a move would reflect cowardice and be a grave disservice to the legacy and future of BSA.  I can tell you that there is no way my sons (5 of them) would ever be involved in scouting if you change this policy.


As a strong national organization influencing thousands of future leaders in America I hope you will you maintain the high standards and traditions of scouting. Please, do not change your policy regarding homosexuals serving in leadership positions in the Boy Scouts.  Protect scouting and the millions of young men and boys like me it has and continues to serve.


Mike D




Click here to send a message to the Boy Scouts of America and urge them to not abandon their policy on homosexual leaders and Scouts.

February 04, 2013

You've shut down their phones. Now, let's flood their inboxes.

Thousands of Americans like you have phoned the Boy Scouts of America's national office and Board of Directors to tell them not to abandon their longstanding policy against having openly homosexual leaders and Scouts. While you may have reached an endlessly ringing phone (due to the volume of calls the group has been receiving), leaders have no doubt realized that their proposed decision might alienate more than it appeases.

As the BSA's board meets this week, join us in continuing to keep the pressure on by sending an email urging the organization not to cave-in to homosexual activists and corporations which have been threatening the organization's funding.

Family Research Council and 41 other allied organizations today released a half-page national advertisement in USA Today calling for the Scouts to stand strong. Join your voice with ours in sending a message that the organization should model the conviction it has espoused for over a century - that timeless values really are timeless, and don't change because of threats from corporations and homosexual activists.

Click here to send a message to the Boy Scouts of America and urge them to not abandon their policy on homosexual leaders and Scouts.


Tony Perkins

P.S. Please forward this alert to friends, family and fellow church members, and post to your favorite social networks.


Family Research Council: 801 G Street N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001



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