Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Press Release: Save Scouts from Sodomists: Preserve Protections Against Molestation

Help Rescue Our Children


For Immediate Release:  Feb. 6, '13

Contact: Rabbi Noson S. Leiter, Founder, HROC: 845-642-1679 (Cell)

(Monsey, NY) In response to the recent attempt to homosexualize the Boy Scouts, Help Rescue Our Children (HROC), an Orthodox Jewish children's advocacy organization, released the following statement by HROC founder, Rabbi Noson Leiter:

"In the midst of the raving child-molestation epidemic, it is revealing to behold certain financial interests seeking to undermine the security of children within one of America's bulwark youth institutions, The Boy Scouts.

"Of course, from a Jewish perspective, the Torah position here is unequivocal: The commission of homosexual acts is a grave sin, prohibited to all Mankind. Moreover, society is obligated to ensure compliance with the Will of our Creator on such fundamental matters.

"However, even those who don't share that worldview must acknowledge some incontrovertible facts pertaining to child-protection - from a perspective of concern for victims of child-molestation.

"Youth organizations need to shield their children from illicit conduct of both heterosexual and homosexual types.

"Heterosexual misconduct and abuse is impeded by gender- separation. Homosexual misconduct and abuse is impeded by the current policy of restricting involvement to heterosexual males.

"Decimating that latter protective barrier will expose children to the most destructive experiences they may ever face.

"Even if we are to assume that most homosexuals allowed in to the Scouts  will not engage in molestation, SOME clearly WILL (as would be the case with some heterosexuals if gender-separations would be eliminated).

"Thus, allowing homosexuals into the Boy Scouts WILL expose children to grave danger.

"Exposing innocent boys to the threat of homosexual misconduct and abuse is not being liberal - it's being barbaric."
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