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Second of 7 Prayers for Marriage: We Fight for the Common Good

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Second of 7 Prayers for Marriage: We Fight for the Common Good

by Andrew Comiskey

Andrew Comiskey

'You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.' - (IS 58: 11b)

Marriage and democracy share a particular golden thread: both are designed for the common good. That means people should benefit, not suffer, from its impact.

One sees this clearly in a good marriage. A man and woman, united in body and spirit, regenerate life in the form of children. Yet procreation is only the beginning. The wholeness of two complementary beings, committed for life, provides a stabilizing influence for all who intersect with them.

I recall the generous love that both Annette's parents and my own released to the neighborhood and greater community: they embodied the truth that marriage is a common good. A whole marriage is a gift that keeps on giving. It bears fruit continuously and offers that fruit instinctively. God designed marriage that way.

Redefining marriage to include same-gender friendships tampers with marriage. Obviously, such friendships cannot be inclined to new life. But beyond that, tinkering with the definition of the most fruitful and stabilizing relationship that civilization has ever known weakens it. . . . . .


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