Friday, February 22, 2013

Speak Up. Unleashing the Voice of the Church February eNewsletter

Issue 34, February 2013

What Every Pastor Should Know About The Obama Administration's HHS Mandate


The recent battle over the Obama Administration's HHS abortion pill mandate may seem confusing at times.  There are many lawsuits, with a great deal of legal technicalities being thrown around in the litigation.  So it may seem difficult to unravel exactly what is happening and what effect the mandate may have on your church, your church's ministries, and the people in your congregation.


But one thing is certain; the battle over the abortion pill mandate is the premier religious liberty battle of our day.  When the Obama Administration enacted the mandate, it essentially declared war on the free exercise of religion.  It elevated sexual liberty over religious liberty.  And it crystallized the issue into stark terms.  Simply put, if the Obama Administration can force you to violate your religious freedom, then it can force anyone to do anything. 



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