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Easter Blessings


March 29, 2013

Easter Blessings

A Blessed Easter to You and Your Family from PFOX!

Easter is a time of Christ's resurrection and new beginnings.  As Christians, we do not fear death because Jesus has conquered death.  Yet all of us want to live a long fulfilled life.  We have an update on our story about Robert below.  Robert is battling cancer due to years of female hormone use when he tried to live as a woman.  Robert is asking for prayers for God's healing.  Please remember Robert during this Easter season and lift him up in prayer.  Also please consider a Lenten sacrifice to help PFOX continue to reach out to the least among us.  Click here to donate at


Thanks for your prayers and if you can, email us back so we can tell Robert that people are praying for him. 


How I Went from "Robert" to "Claudia" - A Fake Woman

In 1988, everything was going wrong for me. I had just moved to Minnesota with my mother and sister. I had recently fallen in love with a girl I met in Minnesota, but she did not love me. I did not get along with my sister who put me out on the street. I lived in homeless shelters and one day when I was in a Kmart I read Renee Richard's book, the famous transgender tennis player. I thought I would be happier as a woman even though I was born male. I was 25 years old when I decided to become a woman. I was also a straight man. 

I thought women had it better; they had nicer clothes and were treated better by society. When I was young, I grew up with women -- had no brothers and my father died when I was 15. My mother didn't like boys or men and treated her daughters and granddaughters better than me. 

So I got on a bus and went to Minneapolis where they have a transgender program and starting taking hormones and legally changed my name to Claudia from Robert. I went through the University of Minnesota program in human sexuality and went through tests and psychiatrists, and was given prescriptions for premarin. I never had breast implants, just small breasts from hormones. I was very confused at the time. 

Now living as a transgender, I met other transsexuals but they were all prostitutes. I was living with another transsexual that got me evicted from my apartment in Minneapolis because my transsexual roommate was prostituting herself in the apartment. 

So I returned to New Jersey, and a local newspaper did an article about me. I was unable to get a job or go to school and had to live off of Social Security funds. People made fun of me because I looked like a man trying to look like a woman. 

I was never gay and never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, and I still liked women but they did not want to date me because I was a woman. I hated being a woman. I wanted to give up being like this but failed many times. 

This is a terrible life and is not what I wanted. I started going to church a year ago and decided to give up trying to be a woman. I am living as a man now and never want to be a woman again because it was a terrible experience. I want to live a normal life. I am now 49 years old and wasted my life. I want to be the person God created me to be and not a fake woman. I am living like a recluse and do not want to be bothered with people. I wish I never did this and regret it very much. I used to have a career as an EMT prior to this. Now, I have nothing. My mother disowned me and left me nothing when she died. I lost all my friends. I want a girlfriend and a family but no one wants me. Please do not do this to yourself. It is a terrible and destructive lifestyle. 

It is hard for me to be a man again since I lived so long as a woman. But it was only a fantasy. 

Sincerely, Robert aka Claudia


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