Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ex-Gay Brief Filed in Supreme Court Cases

PFOX Files Ex-Gay Brief in Supreme Court Cases

Gay activists demand “marriage equality” while denying equality to former homosexuals


Washington D.C. -- Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) has filed an amicus curiae brief in the genderless marriage and Defense of Marriage (DOMA) Supreme Court cases being heard this week. As the only ex-gay organization to file a brief in these historical Supreme Court cases, PFOX appears as amicus to address the purported immutability of homosexuality. Dean Broyles, chief counsel of the National Center for Law and Policy, authored the brief on behalf of PFOX.


In its Supreme Court filings, PFOX (like the APA and many gay organizations) affirms that sexual orientation is fluid, and can and does change over time. PFOX explains that a growing number of governmental authorities and other organizations recognize the existence of ex-gays.  


As a non-profit organization that advocates for the ex-gay community, PFOX explains to the Supreme Court that far from being an immutable characteristic determined at birth like race or gender, sexual orientation is a complex and amorphous phenomenon that defies consistent and uniform definition. “Homosexuality has not been shown to be innate or genetic – individuals can change their sexual orientation,” said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX. 


PFOX cites its precedent setting case, PFOX v. Government of the District Office of Human Rights, where the District of Columbia Superior Court ordered the D.C. Office of Human Rights to recognize ex-gays as a protected class for purposes of sexual orientation nondiscrimination.  


PFOX also points to the example of PepsiCo, a Fortune 500 company. Through its legal counsel, the makers of Pepsi-Cola acknowledged to PFOX that its workplace policy against sexual orientation discrimination includes non-discrimination against former homosexuals as a protected class.


“It is our hopes that in filing this brief with the Supreme Court, the ex-gay community will be treated with tolerance and compassion,” said Griggs.


“For too long, former homosexuals have been treated as the enemy by the gay lobby and bullied by homosexual activists simply because they exist” said Griggs. “The very groups that demand equality by redefining marriage to include homosexuals work to deny equality to ex-gays every day.”


“As a politically powerful and wealthy constituent group, the gay community misuses its power to oppress former homosexuals and ensure that ex-gays remain closeted. Ex-gay groups should have the same rights that homosexual groups currently enjoy to educate the public about sexual orientation, access schools during outreach efforts for students with unwanted same-sex attractions, and participate in the public square without ridicule or abuse.”



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