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Healing a Mother's Heart: Retreat for Mothers of Lesbians



Healing a Mother's Heart Retreat



The April 12-14

Healing a Mother's Heart Retreat
is the only retreat that we'll be hosting this year uniquely designed for mothers
of lesbian daughters.

Healing a Mother's Heart is a three-day group experience for mothers of lesbian daughters. This is NOT a mother-daughter retreat, but a small group experience for mothers.
Because of Janelle's extensive experience with homosexual women, she is uniquely positioned to help mothers understand the nature of their daughter's journey as well as heal or strengthen their relationship with their child.


Beginning on Friday evening and ending on Sunday afternoon, time will be spent in teaching, personal reflection, sharing, learning, inspirational readings, dialogue, fellowship, training, processing, eating, praying, crying and laughing.


Specifically, every mother in attendance will:

  • Hear a personal story of healing and growth from a mother who is in the journey 
  • Receive framework for understanding the biological and developmental influences of same-sex attraction
  • Hear a personal story of healing and hope from a woman who has same-sex attraction
  • Share their own personal history and story as they relate to their daughter 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their daughter  
  • Receive training on how to employ certain techniques that will help to secure and stabilize a strong, warm attachment with their daughter
  • Receive personal coaching on their unique relationship with their daughter
  • Obtain practical tips in handling other family relationships and concerns in light of daughter's homosexuality
  • Discover how to build a personal support system
  • Gain personal insight and experience hope and joy in the midst of sorrow and loss
  • Be encouraged, refreshed, and strengthened for the journey ahead

Dates:  April 12-14, 2013 


Location:  Janelle's office in Westminster, CO


Cost: $499 per mother, which includes a light dinner on Friday evening, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and lunch on Sunday. (Based on a minimum of six attending moms. The price does not include travel or lodging.)


For more information: www.DesertHope.com or 303-429-0300.




"This retreat was beyond my expectations!"  -Mother from Colorado

"I was so sad and shocked to discover that my daughter has same-sex attraction, but the education I received at the Mother's Retreat was so enlightening and enriching that it gave me great hope. I would like my husband and many other dad's to have that same hope. Once again, thank-you for your valuable work in this unique ministry."  -A Mother

"God has equipped Janelle in a mighty way and I shall be forever grateful for her spiritual wisdom."  -Mother from Ohio

"Wow! What an eye opener. At the retreat, I was able to get a view of the bigger picture. First, get myself healed so that I can be available for my daughter. Second, be available to hear her, be attuned to her needs. I realized I had building blocks missing in my life and that I need to be a whole person so that I can love my daughter well."  -Mother from New Jersey

"This retreat was worth every dime I paid. My peace of mind and the quality of life that I am experiencing because of the retreat is phenomenal. There is so much more love and acceptance coming from my side for my daughter. The retreat is a must for all moms."  -Mother from Oregon

"Thank you for all the love and support and the freedom to be where I am. I feel renewed.  I feel more capable to be there for my daughter."  -A Mother from California 

"This retreat helped me to understand the importance of my own healing in order to improve my relationship with my daughter."  -Mother from California

"I would encourage mothers of gay daughters to attend this valuable and practical retreat.  I almost didn't come and am so glad that I didn't let anything get in my way.  I was utterly blessed to have attended.  The sessions changed my life for the better in so many ways."  -Mother from Washington

"My daughter and I have a very close and no longer 'awkward' relationship, thanks to you. We both have learned to love like Jesus and are now past the judging and hurt of our differing beliefs."  -Mother from the Midwest  


"I am still full ... Literally and spiritually and relationally and have such hope. Thank you for your role in my healing." -Mother from California


Desert Hope's purpose is to extend God's love, truth and healing to people struggling with relational, sexual and identity issues. Our goal is to bring a fresh and relevant message of hope and renewal through conferences, retreats, speaking, writing and international missions.

Desert Hope is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and operates solely on the contributions of people
such as you.

All donations to this ministry are tax deductible and will be recognized by a receipt.


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June 21-23, 2013

Westminster, CO

8771 Wolff Court Ste. #210 | Westminster, CO 80031 | Phone: 303.429.0300
  info@deserthope.com | www.DesertHope.com




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