Friday, March 22, 2013


Dear Mary Elizabeth,


When I googled (not a real verb of course but understood) HGTV and gay, the first thing that came up was your article: HGTV: Winning the war for gay marriage.   Scripp's crusade to bully viewers into embracing its own attitudes toward sexual orientation is exactly what is motivating two of its most loyal fans to wean themselves from viewership of the HGTV network (which I have come to realize actually stands for "Highly Gay TV"). 


If I say I am sorry for you, it is because like those victimized in the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", you have been brainwashed and alienated mentally by the growing efforts of deceived bullies who themselves personify the outcome of decades of brainwashing.  Those leading the crusade are perhaps those who are the most unwell among this "affinity group".  They find in their bullying of others a sense of power, control and self-affirmation.  At best, they are leaders of a movement that has lost touch with reality and doesn't know it, and for this we are sorry.  Here are a few facts and some evidence to consider.


-          Gay is not gay and never has been.  Some of the most unstable, angry, misplaced, directionless people in the world have labeled themselves "gay".

-          Same-sex couples do not "complete" each other emotionally.  Studies show that same-sex attraction is akin to psychological cannibalism.

-          Research shows same-sex parents deny their children important developmental benefits that can only occur in a family with a father and mother.

-          In a world of rational or objective reality the adjective "gay" can never precede the noun "marriage".  This construct is a logical and etymological impossibility.  (That is until an apple becomes a banana and an orange becomes a pineapple).

-          Same-sex partners in civil unions are unfaithful to one another far more than those in heterosexual marriages according to research conducted at a well-respected San Francisco University.

-          Banishing individuals to a life of unwanted homosexual attraction is an insidious form of oppression that few are willing to confront.  When they do they are ridiculed, bullied and increasingly silenced. 

-          Many voices that otherwise champion anti-bullying have themselves joined the growing ranks of angry, heartless bullies in this particular arena.

-          Those attracted to same sex people deserve acceptance, unconditional love and unbiased information that is based on objective empirical evidence.

-          The king is naked!


No, Ms. Williams, nobody is winning the war for "gay marriage" or "gay" for that matter.  It is a cause that is already lost.  It is lost in a space characterized by fantasy, fear, self-loathing and denial.  Its existential reality occurs in a place that is far, far away from rational reality.  It is a cause that has created an affinity group of mental aliens lost in their own space.  It is a sad cause, and those entranced by its deception are worthy of our pity more than our censure.


Please Mary Elizabeth, do yourself a favor and resist the urge to run for the emergency exit by concluding that I/we are homophobic.  Nothing could be further from the objective, empirically evidenced truth.  Our commitment is to live by and encourage the acceptance of, truth which exists in the universe of rationality and empirical evidence to which we subscribe and in which we continue to tenaciously exist.  And to which BTW, we would welcome you back.


Have an even greater day through enlightenment,



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