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Six of 7 Prayers for Marriage: Just Love

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Six of 7 Prayers for Marriage: Just Love

by Andrew Comiskey

Andrew Comiskey
''It is now popular to label anyone a 'hater' who upholds marriage and refuses to remove its centerpiece: gender complementarity. On the other hand, those for 'gay marriage' are applauded as loving and just. I contend that love is far more stern and splendid than conceding to another's demands. What is harder: to give people what they want or what they need?

True marriage bears witness to all people, including to persons with same-sex attraction, of something deeper and more beautiful than two people sharing lives. It reveals a quality of sacrifice and mutual submission not unlike Jesus' love for us.

Early on in my journey out of homosexuality, still confused as to my sexual future, I caught glimpses of my parents' love for each other. However imperfect, they always conveyed respect to each other; I noticed the very specific ways they understood and bolstered each other in their respective weaknesses. These weaknesses grew as they aged but so did their patience and care for each other. My father died with dignity due to the love of his still devoted bride.

My parents' marriage had a converting impact upon my spirituality and my broken sexuality. It revealed the limits of same-gender pursuits; it opened a window to what I could aspire to as a man created to be in right relationship with woman. What people do not realize is that every human being is created to realize the gift of his/her otherness in relation to the opposite gender. . . . .

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