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Tyranny is the wrong side of history


March 8, 2013

Tyranny is the wrong side of history

Join Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) in the Marriage March in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.  We and thousands of others will rally before the Supreme Court to demonstrate our commitment to natural marriage.  See for full details and how you can participate!


The homosexual push for "equality marriage," otherwise known as genderless marriage, can only lead to a ban on heterosexual rights. With a President in power who endorses gay causes and readily misuses executive orders, and emboldened by their numerous wins for gay rights at the legislative and judicial level, homosexuals have now moved beyond equal rights to the "more equal than you" level. As a result, gay organizations are working to ban that practice they fear most -- heterosexual behavior.


Witness the ban on heterosexual therapy successfully pushed by homosexual groups in California. Even though no scientific evidence exists of a "gay gene," parents in California are now prohibited from taking their children to see a therapist to resolve their child's unwanted same-sex attractions.  So for parents who discover that their son has been molested and is now sexually confused, their only option is to make an appointment with a gay affirming therapist because unlike heterosexual affirming therapy, gay affirming therapy has not been declared illegal. 


Yet a parent can take their son to a therapist to approve gender blocking hormones so that the child's natural gender is stunted before he reaches puberty. In short, parents can attempt to change a child's gender, but they cannot change their child's sexual orientation unless it is to a homosexual identity. The gay lobby is now trying to ban heterosexual therapy in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other states to come. 


As a politically powerful and wealthy constituent group, gay activists know how to lobby for homosexual legislation regardless of its negative effect on society and children.  So as gay organizations demand that legislatures ban heterosexual therapy, its anti-heterosexual consequences are ignored and the rights of parents over their own children are outlawed.


As a former homosexual, I understand the gays' dread and absolute fear of heterosexuality. It goes beyond trying to normalize sodomy by calling it "marriage."  It's about labeling others as "gay" as early as possible--witness the gay activist push into public schools--and then ensuring that they do not leave the group. As a homosexual, I was welcomed with open arms, especially when I joined the gay activist cause.


But when I left homosexuality after seeing hundreds die of AIDS, I was demonized as an ex-gay traitor.  Now I see that same hate against the ex-gay community being targeted against African-Americans who refuse to equate sodomy with their skin color and against heterosexuals who do not recognize homosexual behavior as a civil right.


So what does that mean for heterosexuals? Just look at what's happening. In addition to banning heterosexual therapy, homosexuals are filing lawsuits against heterosexuals by using gay rights laws to force mandatory recognition and approval of homosexual behavior. Businesses and individuals who do not approve are fired from their jobs, threatened, or publicly castigated - as witnessed by the nationwide Chick-fil-A boycott by homosexuals.


Don't be fooled -- same-sex marriage will not slow down the gay lobby's culture war; it will only  accelerate as gay organizations ramp up anti-heterosexual legislation, mandatory public approval of sodomy, federal funding of gay youth activist organizations and homosexual initiatives, required government training against "homophobia," "heterosexism," and "transphobia," etc., etc.  This is more than a culture war; it is a war for our very own freedoms.  Tyranny is the wrong side of history and bullying others into approval never works.


Homofascism is the greatest threat to our individual liberties.  So-called "marriage equality" is just the beginning.  So join thousands of others and rally before the Supreme Court to demonstrate your commitment to natural marriage.  Join PFOX in the Marriage March in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, March 26, 2013.  See for full details on how you can participate!






Greg Quinlan

President, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX)


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