Saturday, March 23, 2013

Washington Post letter to the editor

The March 19 letters concerning Sen. Rob Portman's decision to support gay marriage — and especially the thoughtful comments of letter writer Rich Davis — prompted me to reply. In 1962, my family moved to a friendly neighborhood in Prince George's County. Two older men lived together across the street. Everyone knew the situation there, and it was never a problem for anyone. The sadness we all felt when the older of the pair passed away couldn't have been worse than if any other neighbor had lost his or her spouse. My family and our friends have always shared these feelings.

If two people find themselves deeply in love and committed to each other for life, regardless of gender, they should be able to legally join in a civil union that would provide all the legal entitlements that a traditional married couple receives. Most of my family and friends agree with this. However, we also believe in God and do not believe that society should be allowed to change God's definition of marriage.

Mr. Davis suggested that those of us who oppose gay marriage "meet and get to know a few gay people" to see if that might change our minds. I have met and known gay men and lesbians (not just those mentioned above), and my position on marriage has not changed. The joining of two people of the same sex should not be called marriage.

Joseph Harris, Huntingtown


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