Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book review of Frank Worthen's autobiography, Destiny Bridge


For those of you who don't know, Frank Worthen was a founder of Exodus and is called the grandfather of the ex-gay movement. In his chapter called, A Movement is Birthed, Frank talks about his ex-gay ministry efforts in the late 1970s. In this chapter, he relates how gay activists falsely claimed that his ministry kidnapped gays and put them into concentration camps. One San Francisco gay paper wrote an article accusing his ministry of kidnapping gay people and sending them to a lockdown in New York.  According to Frank, there was an ex-gay residential program in New York at the time but it certainly was not a lockdown.


In another chapter, Frank Worthen explains that trying to remain celibate while accepting a gay identity leads to unnecessary mental stress, guilt, and frequent relapses:


“Holding on to the gay identity encourages self-defeating illusions. Many who try to maintain the balance between gay identity and celibacy are addicted to gay porn. They often frequent gay bars and parties, telling themselves, these are my people and I can't cut myself off from my gay brothers and sisters. If they call themselves gay Christians, their focus is primarily on the gay part of the equation and very little on the Christian part. I am often asked, "Can you be gay and Christian?" My answer is," Not forever."


Destiny Bridge (a journey out of homosexuality) by Frank Worthen is available at or



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