Monday, April 29, 2013

FW: Do Something!




The Boy Scouts of America are less then a month away from a very important decision. They will be deciding whether or not to change their current policy and allow open homosexuals youth and leaders in the Scouts. Politicians and pop stars are using their considerable influence to try to pressure the Scouts to change their policy. There are even rumors that the Scouts might compromise and allow openly homosexual youth. This is the first step in inviting moral confusion in the Scouts. With your help we will keep sexual perversion out of the Scouts!




High profile pop stars like Madonna and now politicians have joined the anti-Boy Scout movement. The legislature in California recently took their attack to a whole new extreme. 

The California Senate Governance and Finance Committee moved a bill forward that would strip the Boy Scouts of their tax exemption if the organization refused to lift its ban on homosexual members. The bill's sponsor, Ricardo Lara, is an open homosexual.


While the bill was written with the Boy Scouts in mind, they aren't the only group in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status if it's passed. Any youth organization would be stripped of their tax-exempt status if the group will not open itself to all gender identities, sexual orientations or religious affiliations. If this bill is passed by the whole legislature it's only a matter of time before churches are faced with this same dilemma; stay true to your faith or give up your tax exemption. 


Two prominent board members have been outspoken in their desire to change the policy, one of which is an adviser to the Obama White House; James Turley of Ernst & Young and Randall Stephenson of AT&T, who is slated to become the BSA national chairman.




In a few weeks the Boy Scouts will be voting whether or not to change their policy. 

The majority of Boy Scout troops in the US are church-based and morally conservative. We must rally them for this all-important vote. 


Our message is simple: Protect our children! Keep sex and politics out of the Scouts.

We will win if we can get our message out! We can't just sit back and hand our kids over to sexually deviant people. Help us stand up for our Christian values and oppose this wicked attempt to gain access to our children's minds and bodies.


On May 22-24, national Scout leaders will meet in Grapevine, Texas, to vote on whether to repeal this ban. Stand up for the Boy Scouts. Click here to tell them to keep our Scouts safe. Urge them to not allow homosexuals into the organization and demand the resignation of James Turley and Randall Stephenson.


For the Defense of the Gospel, our values and our children,


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