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Transformation of the Democratic Party





The Transformation of the Democratic Party

As we await the ruling from the Justices of the Supreme Court this summer, as an ordained minister of the Gospel, I can no longer remain silent about what I have witnessed within the Democratic Party. The many deviations from traditional values within the Democratic Party are alarming. Traditional values such as the sanctity of marriage, the family, preservation of life, education, fiscal accountability, and most importantly, faith in God. All of these values and more have disappeared from the Democratic Party.

Once thought to be the party of the under- represented, the disregarded, the middle class, and the working class in our society, the Democratic Party has transformed into something I do not recognize. In 2012, the Democratic Party's Platform openly rejected Biblical values, the rights of the unborn, our rights under the Constitution, and even God Himself.

Yet they enthusiastically embraced principles that are pro-same-sex marriage, pro-LGBT, pro homosexual agendas, pro-abortion, anti-Israel, anti-religious freedoms, anti-Christ, and Atheist.   And even though we are in the heat of battle over the definition of marriage, the battle continues to rage on multiple fronts in our nation. 

CAAP will continue to be at the forefront of that battle, fighting to preserve marriage, family, education, religious freedoms, and fighting to hold on to the free society that we are watching slowly slip away. 

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As Christians, we can no longer make excuses for the Democratic Party, and its so-called transformation.  In 2009, President Obama announced that he was going to 'fundamentally transform' America.  This transformation can clearly be seen in the policies of this current administration.  To ignore this conversion within the Democratic Party, and remain affiliated with it, is to choose to remain blind and in compromise in regard to the principles of Almighty God. 

And to my African American brethren whom I love with all my heart, to attempt to justify the Democratic Party's actions and policies is an admission that you yourself have 'chosen' a political ideology over the Word and Way of Almighty God.  Consequently, to continue to agree with the Democratic Party by voting for its ungodly policies is to choose to reject the values and principles that made this nation great. You are making the choice to join yourself in 'agreement' with a party that has clearly in 2012 openly and defiantly rejected the statutes and principles of Almighty God.

And, that is your choice, you have a free will.  But as a minister of the Gospel, I have a responsibility to tell the truth.  And that truth is that God does not compromise His Word.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  He does not take into consideration political polls, political ideology, social norms, media pundits, or philosophical arguments.  Sin is sin, and rejection of Biblical truths is rejection of Biblical truths and God Himself.  There is absolutely no way to get around it.  So if you have chosen to come into agreement with this 'other' way, the new 'evolved' Democratic Party's way, without a doubt, it is truly your choice and nobody made that choice but you.

CAAP is in it for the long haul.  We along with over 4000 African American pastors and their congregations have entered into battle for the soul of our nation; and the very soul of the church.  We love America, and we reject the main stream media's attempts to minimalize our patriotism and love for our country.  They have distorted the support within our community for this administration, and we want to set the record straight, once and for all.

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For decades this party has misrepresented itself, as being the party for African Americans.  Yet, here we are decades later and there are few to no verifiable statistics that show that the Democratic Party has indeed done anything significant for the African American community.  The only significant thing that has manifested within the Black community is the 'implementation' of this new 'slave' mentality among many in our community.    What I mean is the 'new' entitlement generation that has arisen to replace the once proud and honorable work ethic of a people! 

The African American community has basically remained stagnant in terms of growth and prosperity in America.  What's worse we are ranked number one in single family homes and abortions nationwide in proportion to our race.  We have a higher dropout rate and jobless rate than other ethnic groups.  And in proportion to our race, African Americans receive more government assistance programs than other minorities.  We have truly been the beneficiaries [in my opinion] of a carefully lopsided social, economic, and political experiment 'field tested' on us by the Democratic Party, resulting in almost complete devastation of an entire demographic of people!
The challenge is great and Deborah and I would like to ask you to keep us in your prayers.

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The Coalition of African American Pastors [aka] The Coalition of American Action and Progress is a grass roots movement of Christians who believe in traditional family values in American public life.  We believe in protecting the lives of the unborn and defending the sacred institution of marriage.  
For marriage and family,
Bill and Deborah Owens


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