Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ex-Gays ... The Most Marginalized People in Church

Those who have left homosexuality are the most marginalized people in the local church.  Read the compelling words of a young man who lives between a culture that is more and more affirming of homosexuality and the local church who doesn't know how to love him. 
Ex-Gays ...
The Most Marginalized People in the Church

As a graduate student and a committed member of a PCUSA church, I have been exposed to enough "politically correct" thought to realize that much of what I believe to be true is politically incorrect.  I am a Christ-follower.  Most persons in my classes know that historical Christianity is unwilling to accept the premise that perhaps another religion may be right.  That in itself is enough to flunk me out of my class titled "How to Be a Good World Citizen."  But the fact that I refuse to accept my homosexual behavior as wholesome and healthy is even worse. 


Believe me, I do not feel that people should be discriminated against because of their sexual feelings.  I do get disturbed, however, by the knowledge that as homosexuality becomes increasingly accepted, those who are interested in pursuing alternatives may be even more harassed and persecuted.  I have been under attack from two sides at once.  I receive contempt and fear from those who have never had homosexual feelings because my own feelings seem so strange to them.   


Why must this be? I hold to the position that if someone wants to pursue homosexual expression, it is between that person and God.  But if I decide not to act on my same-sex attractions, even if as some say, "I'm going against an inborn, genetic tendency", then that is between God and me.


I know many men and women who have come out of homosexuality.  I have seen those who, in pursuing God with all of their being, find a new balance, a new life, and healing in every aspect of their life, including their sexuality.  I personally fight against feelings that often seem to me as though they would certainly fulfill me and make me whole.  But I know that nothing can make me whole outside of Jesus Christ. 


I want to say this to my politically correct friends.  If you merely say I am wrong, all of the flag waving, bad-mouthing and whistle blowing will not convince me of your position.  However, if you love me, seek relationship with me and are willing to listen to me, then you can bet that I will hear your point of view.  How wonderful it would be to allow myself to learn from those with whom I disagree.  I hope and pray too that they will learn from me. 

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