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Summer Training Deadline

Summer Training Deadline

Register by Monday to Avoid Additional Fees!

2013 LW Postcard 2013 SUMMER TRAINING
July 6th-12th, 2013

For over 30 years Desert Stream has been raising up men and women to prepare the church for Christ's return. We want you to join us, but time and space is running out. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.

Whether you are currently involved with a group, or looking to get one started, please consider joining us; or telling someone in your church or community about this healing opportunity.

Register today!

After May 13th, the registration fee goes up an additional $50.00!

Why Get Trained?

The main emphasis of our time together will be personal healing for you. It's as we learn to enter into the healing process together that we can learn how to heal others. Just as each Desert Stream group is a place for deeper healing, so we as leaders will be enabled to lead others into healing ministry as we share with one another the experience of being set free in the depths of our souls. Training is required in order to be a group coordinator.

What's Taught?

Participants will become familiar with the Living Waters program and its 20 lessons found in the Living Waters: Pursuing Sexual and Relational Wholeness in Christ guidebook. The Leadership Training Seminar equips men and women for effective ministry to the sexually and relationally broken. It is an intensive training, including a shortened experience of the Living Waters program with small group participation as well as practical instruction.

Workshops will be taught on a variety of issues such as:
* Effective Prayer Ministry
* Understanding and praying for the healing of sexual abuse and sexual addiction
* Releasing Living Waters into your church

What Past Participants Have Said:

This training experience has been a deep healing in not only the outward manifestations... but the hurts, fears, deep seeded holes of being, parental wounds, and abuse. Everything was turned on its head! In just a few days I unloaded a lifetime of sexual brokenness, homosexuality, emotional dependency, and major boulders of shame. The Lord has begun a Great work in me! - Kevin

The integrity and authority displayed in the leadership is exceptional - thank you! - John

I thought I was coming to learn to help others; I quickly realized God had more for me. - Alice

I came this week to receive training to start a Living Waters group in our church, but what I got was so much more than training. The Healing I received this week is just the beginning of a new life for me and my family. - Jennifer

I really appreciated the safe atmosphere that was created for me - Julie

This week surpassed all of my expectations - and met all of His - Stefan

RHN Conference

Join us for the Restored Hope Network conference!
June 21-22, 2013 in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Desert Stream Ministries
phone: 866-359-0500

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Based on the biblical foundation of compassion, integrity, and dependence on God, Desert Stream Ministries proclaims to the world the transforming power of Jesus Christ. We equip the body of Christ to minister healing to the sexually and relationally broken through healing groups and leadership training for the local church.

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