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Update from Dr Miriam Grossman

Update from Dr Miriam Grossman

Miriam Grossman MD
Miriam Grossman MD


"This bold and brilliant physician has done the nation and its children a great service."
- ROBERT P. GEORGE, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Princeton University

"You've become a household name here at Hopkins psychiatry as the best contemporary example of a good doctor who notices what is happening around her and to her patients and strives to do something about it."
- PAUL MCHUGH, MD, Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

"Dr Miriam Grossman is a bright, bold, but solitary beacon revealing the avalanche of faulty sex education that endangers the health of our young people and corrupts their futures."
- NICHOLAS A. CUMMINGS, Ph.D., Former President, American Psychological Association

"Congratulations on being a light in the darkness."
- JEROME SINSKY, MD, Gynecologist, San Diego, CA

"Your efforts should win awards."
- PAUL CRUTCHER, Journal of Literacy Research

There are many of us [campus physicians] who agree with you....You are not alone in your observations and concerns.
- PATRICIA GEIGER, MD, Director of Student Health Services, Appalachian State University
A Serious Accusation

I've never been called a hateful extremist before, so it was a bit of a shock. What have I ever said or written that could be considered hateful?

Yet those are the words recently used to describe me and a colleague of mine, Bob McCroskie of Family First New Zealand, on an Australian news site.

The journalist was quoting a member of the New South Wales parliament, Alex Greenwich.

Bob and I will be speaking at the upcoming World Congress of Families in Sydney, and according to the article, Mr Greenwich is so fired up about that, he's written to the tourism minister demanding the conference follows local anti-discrimination legislation.

What's he so worked up about?

After New Zealand's recent legislation to redefine marriage, Bob made a comment to the effect that the word has lost it's meaning, that a child has a basic right to both a mother and father, and that public policy should not deny them that right.

My "hateful extremism" is apparently related to my endorsement of a type of therapy that supports individuals who wish to struggle against their same sex attraction.

As explained in my blogs, Gay or Straight? When others decide for you Part One & Part Two, if a patient comes to me in distress about this issue, it's ethical for me to inform him about all his options. He has the right to define himself, and to choose a path that's right for him. That's what psychotherapy is all about: a journey.

A person can accept his urges, or he can choose to struggle against them. I have personally met with dozens of people who benefited from this therapy, to say nothing of the testimonials on sites like Narth and PFOX

Mr Greenwich is concerned about the effect I could have "on vulnerable gay and lesbian adolescents". He need not worry, I have always made the health and well being of young people my priority, even if it meant going against the entrenched ideology of my profession.

If Mr Greenwich is truly concerned about adolescents, I suggest he use his position in parliament to object to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development's sexuality education programs. They are not medically accurate or comprehensive, and Australian youth - especially girls, and boys who have sex with other boys or men - are paying a high price.

There's nothing hateful about my position about therapy for same sex attraction, or about any of my positions. I'm a doctor, and I want to keep people out of the offices of doctors and therapists. It's that simple.

Mr Greenwich, I look forward to visiting your beautiful city, and engaging in civil discussion with you and others about these critical issues.

To everyone else, I'll be posting on Facebook about my trip down under. Your comments, likes, and shares on Facebook make a big difference. Do you think I'm a hateful extremist? Join the discussion here.

Miriam Grossman MD
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