Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The "Bathroom Bill" SB 97 is scheduled for a public hearing in the House, Wednesday June 12, at 2pm. We expect the House to vote on Thursday at 2pm.


This bill will pass if they do not hear from you! If it passes the House, it will become law. 



Legislators need to hear four specific things:

  1. Women should not be forced to share intimate areas with men. Period. It doesn't matter if those men have good intentions or not. Women are outraged that legislators would consider such bad policy.
  2. Because the bill does not define "reasonable accommodations," this law leaves every school, business, and organization vulnerable to being sued for discrimination.
  3. This bill says that the gender you are born as doesn't matter. What matters is the gender you feel you are inside, and how you express it. This bill defines gender identity as "appearance, expression, or behavior," so a person wouldn't need to "dress up" like a member of the opposite gender to be protected by this bill. They would simply need to "behave" like one- whatever that means.
  4. We expect Legislators to make policies for the common good and safety of the public. We expect legislators to find solutions for the exceptions without rejecting and redefining the foundations of social order!

 Read more about the dangers of the Bathroom Bill


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Eph 6:13  



Nicole Theis
President, Delaware Family Policy Council


P.S. Be sure to forward this email to every like-minded person you know asking them to ACT!


Delaware Family Policy Council | P.O. Box 925 | Seaford | DE | 19973


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