Thursday, June 13, 2013

FCC/Decency - more is needed

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Ally, this is URGENT! The deck is stacked against us on TV decency.

Before he left the FCC recently, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski set in motion a plan that will encourage TV networks to fill the airwaves with nudity and profanity.  Under his proposed new standard, the FCC will allow "isolated" incidences of nudity and profanity during hours the children are expected to be in the audience - 6 AM to 10 PM.

If you think TV is bad now, just wait until the FCC all but sanctions nudity and profanity, permitting both as long as they are "isolated," whatever that means (I fear it means permission to broadcast one or two nude scenes in each half hour show.)  This will only encourage the networks to include such filth in each show - they will be trying to outdo one another with scenes of sex and your children and grandchildren will be the ultimate victims.  

Do you think I am exaggerating?  If so, you are just not paying attention!  

Not only has the FCC not enforced the federal decency law even once in the past four and a half years under Genachowski but our Congressional leaders have failed to take the FCC to task for its profound failure to do its job in enforcing broadcast TV decency?  

To the FCC and the U. S. to Congress, DECENCY IS A DEAD ISSUE.

It's time for URGENT action.  But if we want to reverse course on decency, every person and every group is needed.  Will you help?

Here are 3 things YOU can do now:

1.)  Get as many comments from as many people as possible to the FCC right now and until June 19 during the FCC's public comment period on the proposed, weakened standard telling the FCC "Don't weaken decency standards for broadcast TV."  We made it easy to file comments.  Just go here.

2.) The U. S. Senate Commerce Committee will begin hearings on President Obama's nomination for the new FCC Chairman next Tuesday, June 18.  The man nominated is Tom Wheeler who has no track record on TV decency so I fear he will be no different than Genachowski.  Contact the members of the Senate Commerce Committee NOW and tell them to grille Wheeler on whether he will vigorously enforce the federal decency law under the current standard (not the proposed one).  You can find the members of the committee here.  You can call each at 202-224-3121.  If you get a positive response from any committee members and they agree to question Wheeler on decency enforcement, you can feel free to pass along these suggested questions for them to ask.

3.) Forward this email to several friends and colleagues right now.

We need to fight now to win the war for decency!


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Patrick A. Trueman

President & CEO, Morality In Media

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This effort is directed by Morality In Media, Inc.

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