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Is Embracing Homosexuality Christlike? -- SoL Newsletter

In this issue:
Is Embracing Homosexuality Christlike?
Homosexuals can be made whole!
The Boy Scouts' Folly: Putting Sexual Morality Up For A Vote
Becoming Whole Again
Study: Homosexuals Twice As Likely To See Mental Health Treatment

SoL Quote: "The best clue of knowing whom not to trust is, of all things, the pity play.  The most reliable sign is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.  It's as obvious as the nose on our face and just as difficult to see without a mirror:  The reason sociopaths-people with no conscience-desire pity above all else is that good people will let pathetic individuals get by with murder, so to speak.
   When we pity we are defenseless, and our emotional vulnerability is used against us by those who have no conscience.  Sociopaths all get what they want, completely without shame.
I am sure that the devil would want us to feel very sorry for him."
From The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout

Is Embracing Homosexuality Christlike?
--Janice Graham

One of the arguments for the sudden wholesale acceptance of open homosexuality in the Church (contrary to all holy scripture and millennia of prophetic warnings) is that Christ "never turned anyone away, regardless of who they were or what they did." That "he was always among the sick and afflicted, because the whole hath no need of a physician." That "all are invited to come and participate so that we might help each other." (These are actual quotes defending homosexuality within the church.) So to be like Christ we are supposed to unquestioningly embrace a person's self-proclaimed homosexuality, period. In this world at this particular time, this must strike us all as a very convenient and comfortable philosophy.

What is wrong with these sound bytes that create such an idyllic picture? Let's take them one by one.

"Christ never turned anyone away." False. He cast out devils, he cleansed the temple, he dispatched the rich young man. He castigated the Pharisees and told hypocrites to "depart from me." Is our understanding of Christ (the Creator and Savior of the Entire Universe) so vaporous and insipid that we think of him only as a camp counselor or massage therapist or cruise director? And do we really think the gospel of Jesus Christ is just about including everybody? If Christ is just about holding hands in a big circle, why does he incessantly call us to repentance? Why does he invite us to change our hearts? Why does he entreat us to shift our carnal worldview, to overcome our human nature? Certainly this type of discriminatory speech offends plenty of people. To keep from offending or excluding anyone, we would have to abandon the most fundamental principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ, those of sin, repentance, and faith in Christ as Savior.

"Christ was always among the sick and afflicted because the whole have no need of a physician." This is incomplete and humanist by itself. This argument is also inconsistent with a church that has publicly conceded that there is nothing disordered or "unwhole" about the gay identity; unrepentant gays would certainly take offense at this. The scriptures exist primarily for our spiritual health, not our earthly health. Christ's miraculous healings of physical ailments were symbolic of the possibility of his healing our spiritual ills, just as he overcame physical death so we might have immortality. The cultural embrace of homosexuality is a symptom of deep spiritual illness not being addressed that has been developing for some time.

"All are invited to come and participate so that we can help one another." This is dangerous in its arrogant simplicity if we're talking about wickedness. The truth is, some people do not want to be included in anything godly. They want to remake the church into their own image, to refit the church to their proclivities rather than fitting their proclivities to the church. They are rebelling against God and are about very patiently destroying the kingdom of God on earth and making everyone as miserable as they are. When Alma saw the people of his brand new church beginning to labor in iniquity because wolves had entered the fold and were teaching them to sin, he asked the Lord what to do. How should he handle those who were members of the church but leading others astray? The Lord- yes, Jesus Christ- told Alma to protect his church by excommunicating the unrepentant sinners. To blot out their names. But as many times as they humbled themselves and repented, they were to be welcomed back. In other words, unrepentant sinners were to be called on their sins, taught to "sin no more," and invited to return to the fold. Just as then, today, although visitors are welcome, willful apostates must be disciplined to keep order and integrity in the church. The only way to access the Atonement is through humble repentance. Everyone is free to take it or leave it, but churches must not abandon their doctrines. If they do they cease to be of God, and if they are not of God, we can know whom they serve.  

It is essential to point out that the openly self-identified homosexuals churches are suddenly so eager to include in their congregations and youth groups and boy scout troops are not repentant. They have embraced deviant sexuality, pretending they cannot control their thoughts and feelings, insisting it is who they are, and as such are rebelling against God, nature, and God's plan of agency and salvation through Christ. 

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SoL Quote:   "Homosexuality . . . is defined as 'sexual desire for those of the same sex or sexual relations between individuals of the same sex'."
--Spencer W. Kimball, The Miracle of Forgiveness, 1969, pg 78
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Homosexuals can be Made Whole

by Victor J. Adamson (A pseudonym)

If you had asked me nine years ago why I had chosen to be gay, I would have answered you as I did countless times before, "I did not choose to be gay! I chose to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian. I chose to be educated in Seventh-day Adventist Christian schools. I chose to be a student missionary. I chose to earn a degree in Theology and to graduate with honors. I chose to marry a Seventh-day Adventist young lady. I chose to have Seventh-day Adventist babies. I did not choose to be gay! I just finally came to grips with reality and accepted the fact that I was gay. I came to believe that I was born gay."

For years after my "coming out" of the closet and experiencing the devastating breakup of my home, I dared anyone to tell me that my "condition" was a matter of choice. I had made all the right "choice" in my life. While struggling with the nagging yearnings of my heart, I had prayed relentlessly that God would "Create in me a clean heart, and renew a right spirit within me." I wanted God to help me to love and to be in love with my wife. But, all my efforts were of no avail.

Finally, I succumbed to those nagging yearnings and fell into the "gay" life of homosexual relationships, totally convinced that my "condition," or "behavior," was not the result of my willful choice. What Christian would willingly choose to be so radically out of sync with society, and the church? I had to be either the victim of my own environment, or just born that way.

My parents, friends, and family all thought of me as a gentle person, thoughtful and considerate of others. In their eyes I was intelligent, likeable, courteous, and talented in many areas. Most of all, I was known to be deeply spiritual.

The Tensions of My "Gay" Lifestyle

Upon entering the "gay" lifestyle, I still live up to that image, except that I was no longer "deeply spiritual." I refused to be a hypocrite. There was no way I could reconcile my homosexuality with the calling to be part of the Remnant people who love God and keep His commandments. To me the Bible was very clear in teaching that "homosexual offenders" will not enter the Kingdom of God (1 Cor. 6:9).

Looking back upon the years spent in the "gay" lifestyle, I can honestly say that my life became full of disgusting, depraved, and perverted behavior. Like every homosexual I knew, I became lustful and obsessed with sex. In public and among friends, however, I masterfully maintained the image of a decent, gentle, thoughtful, polite, considerate person, both loving and lovable.

Before returning to God, for sixteen years I blamed Him for everything wrong with my life, especially my homosexuality, because I had prayed that He would take it away, and He had not. So, I reason, It was God's fault, not my own if I was "gay."

During those self-serving years of "love," promiscuity, pleasure, self-exaltation, and self-gratification, I experienced much loneliness, misery and heartache.

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SoL Quote:  "The Boy Scouts of America . . . chose to undermine the century old values of the Boy Scouts by giving into the pressures of a group of people who promote a perverted and sinful lifestyle. The Boy Scout leaders did the very thing that they taught millions of boys never to do - compromise their moral values.
     I know that I can no longer endorse or recommend the Boy Scouts to anyone. In fact, I would encourage every parent to seek out other options, perhaps church groups for boys that would teach them some of the things that the Boy Scouts teach. If there aren't any church programs in your area, find out what it would take to start one. If that's not an option, then take the time that your sons would normally spend with the Boy Scouts and you spend it with them, teaching them and preparing them to be upright young men who value their relationship with you, with Jesus Christ and to never compromise their values. Those are the men our nation needs."
--Dave Jolly, in Political Outcast, 5/25/13
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The Boy Scouts' Folly:
Putting Sexual Morality Up For A Vote

By Peter LaBarbera

May 23, 2013 was a sad day for the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), and another tragic day for an America in decline. The Scouts' corporate-driven leaders in their folly put sexual morality up for a vote, and when it was all over, the Scouts as we once knew them - a God-fearing, wholesome organization - were finished. Now, truly "morally straight" organizations (to quote the Scout Oath) will rise up to compete with the corrupted BSA, and parents by the hundreds of thousands will migrate with their sons to these trustworthy alternatives.

This was a completely unnecessary capitulation. The equivocating Scouts somehow managed to snatch defeat from their hard-won victory in the Supreme Court in 2000 - which preserved the Scouts' right to live by their own moral creed. Now they have eviscerated that creed, thus rewarding the very Homosexual Lobby that tormented the BSA since its high court triumph.

Pursuing godliness and virtue is not a democratic exercise but a walk of obedience. Truth is transcendent; it is not decided by polls or votes. (Two men or two women will never truly be "married.") We all fall short and hence need a Savior, but absolute Truth never changes. God - not man - sets the Standard for proper living. Allowing boys who identify with and, presumably, engage in homosexual behavior is the opposite of virtue - and certainly wasn't a Scouting value in my father's and grandfather's America.

Let's cut through all the pro-"gay" noise that infests most discussions of this issue. Practicing homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle choice and a sin. It is immoral, against Nature, and changeable - as evidenced by the countless men (like Michael Glatze) and women (like Charlene Cothran) who once proudly considered themselves "gay" but now live in accordance with God's natural design for their bodies.

Homosexuality is not the basis for healthy self-identity. "Sexual orientation" is an artificial construct because homosexuality is not "who you are," it's what you do. And when people make sinful choices bad things happen. (I should add that most homosexuals come from troubled backgrounds, including: dysfunctional parent-child relationships; lack of a father; divorced households; early sexualization; and sexual predator abuse. But these "causes" - while meriting our pity and understanding - do not condone the behavioral choice of embracing a homosexual lifestyle.)

Homosexuality is about as natural, normal and healthy as a tongue piercing.
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SoL Quote: "Homosexuality . . . this sin, like fornication, is overcomeable and forgivable, but again, only upon a deep and abiding repentance, which means total abandonment and complete transformation of thought and act."
--Spencer W. Kimball, The Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, 1982
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Becoming Whole Again
Name Withheld
(This is an article from the January 1997 Ensign Magazine.
It describes how the author overcame same-sex attraction. -Ed.)

I grew up in a warm and loving Latter-day Saint family. I've always attended church, I graduated from seminary, I served an honorable mission, and I even taught at the Missionary Training Center while attending Brigham Young University. To top it off, I am married for time and eternity to a wonderful wife. Why would someone like me face the trial of same-gender attraction?

I don't know all the reasons for this weakness of mine, but I'm certain that some experiences I had beginning at age six contributed. I had a young uncle who was very kind to me, but he taught me some activities that were inappropriate. Sensing that those activities were wrong, when I turned eight and was baptized I vowed to stay away from my uncle-and I succeeded. However, I longed for my uncle's attention and sometimes tried to seek a substitute with childhood friends. Usually they would no longer be my friends, and often I felt very guilty, bad, and unloved.

As I learned later through study, prayer, and counseling, same-sex attraction is often a misguided feeling motivated by a longing for true brotherly love or a desire for masculine characteristics one feels he lacks. My father is a good, hard-working man, but he was seldom home while I was growing up, which in my case contributed somewhat to my emotional deficit. As I grew older, I immersed myself in school activities and mostly avoided anything related to the immoral behaviors I had learned as a child, though I still sometimes felt attracted to other males.

By my later teenage years, my situation seemed much improved. I fell in love with my wife-to-be during high school, and we wrote faithfully to each other during my mission. When I returned home, I felt confident and full of life. I loved my BYU studies, my MTC teaching job, and visiting my future wife, who at the time lived in another city. During this season of happiness, I finally felt free of my past weaknesses. Looking back, however, I recognize that I had not yet overcome the deep-rooted patterns of same-gender attraction.

One night on my way home from visiting my fiancée, I somehow found myself in a predicament I never should have been in. After that evening, I was devastated. I knew I had to tell my fiancée the truth-and more than 10 years later, I feel I am only just beginning to understand the grief I have caused her. After visiting with my bishop and stake president and after much soul-searching on both our parts, we decided to proceed with our marriage plans. Everyone involved felt I was repentant and back on track.

Unfortunately, that episode was only the beginning. Marriage has been called a crucible that brings out either our best or our worst, and that was certainly true for me. I began breaking commandments again soon after we were married. From time to time I used alcohol in association with immoral experiences, and I was often dishonest. For many years I was trapped in a deadly cycle: sin, remorse, what I felt was true repentance, and then back to sin. I tried to blame others for my problems, but I could not escape the fact that I was the one choosing to engage in wrong behavior. For years I tried to overcome my sins alone, without seeking sufficient help from Church leaders and other sources of support.

Finally my wife, having gradually come to a realization of the extent of my sins, reluctantly decided she could no longer put up with my behavior. She told me that I either needed to seek help or leave her and our two beautiful children. Feeling desperate, I checked into a hospital psychiatric ward to see if I could gain some control over my life.

The hospital staff very compassionately helped me deal with my childhood pains and my alcohol-related issues, but I soon found out what many professionals think about same-gender attraction: you are born with it, and the only way you will ever be happy is to accept it. However, my wife and I refused to believe it. It just did not make sense. Heavenly Father put us on this earth to fulfill a divine destiny that can be accomplished when a man and woman join in temple marriage-and, like Nephi, we know that "the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them" (1 Ne. 3:7). Despite the opposition I faced at the hospital, I felt determined to overcome my iniquities.

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SoL Quote: 
"Until we recognize Homosexuality for what it really is, having compassion on those affected and offer help for them to overcome the problem - instead of refusing to admit there even is a problem and passing it off as just "another qurk" in morally normal and healthy sexuality - the "problem" will not go away. Influence by association is real and powerful - especially for young impressionable youth."

--Victor Johnson, commenter on Touchstone mag blog post, May 20, 2013
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Study: Homosexuals Twice as Likely to Seek
Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski


August 18, 2009 ( - A study led by Susan Cochran and her team of researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, published in the open access journal BMC Psychiatry, reports that homosexuals seek treatment for mental health issues or substance abuse at a rate over two times higher than heterosexuals.

The study of 2074 people interviewed in the California Health Interview Survey found that 48.5% of homosexual and bisexual individuals reported receiving psychiatric or drug abuse treatment in the past year as compared to 22.5% of heterosexuals.

When the research results were broken down by gender, the report states that lesbians and bisexual women received the most medical treatment and heterosexual men received the least.

"It is well known that health services utilization is greater among women generally," Cochran commented. "Here we have shown that minority sexual orientation is also an important consideration. Lesbians and bisexual women appear to be approximately twice as likely as heterosexual women to report having received recent treatment for mental health or substance use disorders."

Cochran concludes that, "The pervasive and historically rooted societal pathologizing of homosexuality may contribute to this propensity for treatment by construing homosexuality and issues associated with it as mental health problems."

However, critics of the accepted secular interpretation that mental illness in homosexuals is due to discrimination have pointed out that in countries where homosexuality has been "normalized", the numbers of homosexuals seeking medical intervention for a wide range of mental and medical conditions including major depression, suicidal ideation and attempts, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse, are virtually the same as reported in the California study.

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