Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Major deadline tomorrow, Your help needed

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Tomorrow is the last day to file a public comment about the FCC's proposal to start allowing nudity and profanity on broadcast TV during hours when kids are surely watching. 

864 comments are STILL needed in order to reach 100,000! PLEASE FILE A COMMENT AND ASK FIVE FRIENDS to file as well. Help push this over 100k so we can get more press attention to this issue!

How to file:

1. Go to http://apps.fcc.gov/ecfs/upload/begin?procName&filedFrom=X

2. Enter the code "13-86″ in the "Proceeding Number" box and fill out the few remaining required fields.

3. Enter your comment in the text box provided and click "Continue."

4. From there, review your comment and click "Confirm."

If you think TV is bad now, just wait until the FCC all but sanctions nudity and profanity, permitting both as long as they are "isolated," whatever that means (I fear it means permission to broadcast one or two nude scenes in each half hour show.)  This will only encourage the networks to include such filth in each show - they will be trying to outdo one another with scenes of sex and your children and grandchildren will be the ultimate victims.  

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Patrick A. Trueman

President & CEO, Morality In Media


This effort is directed by Morality In Media, Inc.

Morality In Media and War on Illegal Pornography Coalition
1100 G Street NW #450
Suite 450
Washington, DC 20005

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