Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Remember this feeling!

Delaware residents:

Last night the House passed the "Bathroom Bill" with a "smokescreen amendment." Representatives who initially claimed to oppose the bill used the smokescreen amendment as an excuse to vote in favor of it.  

Representatives claimed their constituents concerns (our concerns) were resolved by the amendment, without explaining how. Epic fail. They are not even close to being resolved.
Now the bill goes back to the Senate. See how your Representative voted.  

The only thing this amendment does is restate what we already know. The bill said businesses may provide reasonable accommodations (well of course they can!), gender identity may be demonstrated uniformly and consistently, and may not be "asserted for any improper purpose." All of this misses the point entirely and does nothing to address our real concerns.
The bottom line is that women do not want to see men in private areas designated for women and their children.

Feel like you are not being heard? Tired of ridiculous legislation passing in Dover? Believe me, I am too! But I will stand for the principles I believe in and for my children's future.

If we lock arms and commit to stay engaged as a matter of stewardship, then we will hold legislators accountable and flip seats in the 2014 elections. Will you commit to standing with me by becoming an official member of DFPC? We need 495 more members by the end of next month to keep moving forward on behalf of the family. Will you lock arms with us?



Eph 6:13  



Nicole Theis
President, Delaware Family Policy Council

Delaware Family Policy Council | P.O. Box 925 | Seaford | DE | 19973

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