Thursday, June 20, 2013

The New Reality


Nicole Theis Testifying
Nicole Theis testifying on the Bathroom Bill

Yesterday the Senate suspended the rules and passed the "Bathroom Bill" 11-9. We needed one more vote to stop the bill, and "turncoat Cathy" Cloutier gave it to them. See how your Senators voted. Governor Markel immediately signed the bill into law.

They can ignore the stories we've sent them from incidents all over the country and claim "that won't happen here." They can say what they want, but they have just created a legal environment for those very things to happen.

Thank you to every single one of you who contacted your Representative these last two weeks. We successfully flooded Dover with thousands of phone calls and emails, and came so close to winning. We had the votes to stop the bill in the House, until less than an hour before the vote when the opposition proposed an amendment they claimed would solve our concerns. It did not. 

We must NOT forget how our legislators voted.

IMPORTANT ALERT! Today the Senate will vote on SB140, a small step in the right direction to hold Planned Parenthood of DE accountable for its low standard of care for women. The bill protects employees who want to file a complaint with the State that will result in an investigation. It also requires accreditation from a "entirely independent" accrediting organization that has no conflict of interest, since Planned Parenthood has always been allowed to regulate themselves!

Will you stand with us? Legislation is flying out of Dover and we are working hard to analyze and research how each bill will impact your family. We need 490 members by the end of next month to continue financially. Will you be one of the 490 people who will commit to supporting us?


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