Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Urgent! Here's what they are saying...

For Delaware residents and their friends --


The House debate and vote on the "Bathroom Bill" SB 97 is TODAY at 2pm!

Many legislators are believing 4 lies about the Bathroom Bill. They intend to vote for the bill unless they hear from you. An email will arrive too late. If you haven't called your Representative; this is your last chance. It only takes 2 minutes - and we'll walk you through it. We need your help!
Lie #1: 16 states and 170 cities and counties have discrimination laws protecting Gender Identity. There have been no problems in states where this bill is already passed.
Our response: This is deceptive. Yes, there are anti-discrimination laws in these areas, but each of those laws are very different. For example, one of those 16 states - Massachusetts - do not include bathrooms because of the concerns for public safety.

34 states have deliberately rejected any form of the "Bathroom Bill," for good reasons. States such as New York and New Hampshire soundly rejected the legislation because of the public outcry.
Lie #2: There is no law prohibiting men from walking into a woman's restroom now. Your concerns could happen today - this bill won't change that.
Our response: Currently, business owners are allowed to regulate their own facilities, and ask someone to leave if necessary. Any man who walks into a woman's restroom raises serious questions. This law will change all of that. For the first time in history, it would be LEGAL for a man who "behaves" like a woman to use the woman's restroom. Any business owner or concerned citizen who asks a man to leave a woman's restroom would be liable for "discrimination."
Lie #3: Businesses and organizations will be allowed to provide "reasonable accommodations" instead of allowing men in women's restrooms.
Our Response: All over the country, there have been lawsuits as the courts decide what "reasonable accommodations" are. Gender-neutral bathrooms have become a legal liability. Our legislators expect small businesses and schools to expend resources to provide accommodations that could end up in a lawsuit the next day! 
National groups have made it very clear that neutral restrooms are only the first step towards men being able to use women's restrooms.
Lie #4: Transgenders already use Delaware restrooms, with no problems.

Our Response: Then why is this legislation necessary? Why are we changing the definition of gender, allowing any man to take advantage of this law, and forcing this liability on business owners?
The idea that there have been no problems with men in women's restrooms is false. There are many cases of rape, murder, and assault in restrooms all over the country that demonstrate why women's facilities must be protected. Here are 17:
In many of these cases, the perpetrator was caught because someone saw a man in the woman's restroom. If this law passes, no one will be able to do anything until it is too late.
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Eph 6:13  



Nicole Theis
President, Delaware Family Policy Council


P.S. Be sure to forward this email to every like-minded person you know asking them to ACT!


Delaware Family Policy Council | P.O. Box 925 | Seaford | DE | 19973

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