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Ex-Gay Pride Month



First Annual Ex-Gay Pride Month Celebration on July 31!

June 28, 2013

Voice of the Voiceless (VoV) and Equality and Justice for All is excited to announce the First Annual Ex-Gay Pride Month Celebration on July 31, 2013. "This will be a historic day for ex-gays across the country as we unite on Capitol Hill to lobby Congress to recognize former homosexuals," commented Christopher Doyle, Co-Founder and President of Voice of the Voiceless. "Now that former homosexuals are a protected class against discrimination in Washington, D.C., this opens up the door for our unique stories to be heard and achievements recognized as we celebrate the First Annual Ex-Gay Pride Month!"

On June 18, Voice of the Voiceless called on President Obama and The White House to issue a Presidential Proclamation to celebrate July 2013 as a historic month for ex-gays, who have for years, suffered discrimination and intimidation because they dare to exist. "Thanks to the 2009 judicial ruling, ex-gays no longer have to hide in the shadows in fear of intimidation and threats from anti-ex-gay activists and media who seek to marginalize and diminish our community," commented Doyle.

To celebrate this historic month and day of lobbying in Washington, D.C., VoV is also co-hosting an evening dinner and reception with Equality and Justice for All at Family Research Counsel Action. Invited speakers include Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Former Senator Jim Demint, Liberty Counsel's Matt Staver, Congressman Tim Huelskamp, and several prominent leaders in the ex-gay and faith communities.

For more information on Ex-Gay Pride 2013, view the invitation by clicking here.

To become a sponsor for the evening dinner and reception and/or to purchase tickets, click here.


Voice of the Voiceless is the only anti-defamation league for former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, and their families. For more information, visit: www.VoiceoftheVoiceless.info  Equality and Justice is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization advocating for the civil rights of the ex-gay community and families.  For more information, visit: www.equalityandjusticeforall.org

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