Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fraud for helping people?



Does Ideology Trump Freedom?


If the Southern Poverty Law Center has their way, it will be illegal for any person with unwanted same-sex attraction to seek out help from counseling. 


If the Southern Poverty Law Center has their way, anyone who dares to counsel or help a person trying to have as normal a life as possible without desires that they don't want, will be guilty of fraud.


I'll get to that in a moment. If you don't know anything about the Southern Poverty Law Center, you should read on because they are a real thorn in the side of anyone that believes in God, truth, and freedom.

The Richest Poverty Organization in the World


The Southern Poverty Law Center is a 'civil rights' organization founded by Morris Dees, a lawyer who was already a multimillionaire by selling stuff in the mail (think junk mail or Viagra spam).


He brought in millions of dollars in donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center with his marketing talents, targeting northern state 1960's liberals who responded to his scare tactics about the deep south, the KKK, lynching, race issues, etc.


Well, recently the Southern Poverty Law Center has decided that homosexuality is a civil right. And now they want to make Christians and anyone else who dares oppose their ideology into the new KKK.


To that end, they keep a list of 'hate groups' from each state on their website.


Along with members of the KKK and Nazi Skin Heads, they list Christian groups for the 'hate crime' of being opposed to the gay agenda.


It was this 'hate group' list where a gay activist found and targeted the Family Research Council for a mass murder spree because they were listed as being anti-gay for believing in traditional marriage and family.


If you've heard of that Army presentation that lumped Christians together with terrorists, well they also got their information from the Southern Poverty Law Center.


And unbelievably, Obama's Justice Department has flown the founder of SPLC, Morris Dees, to give a presentation to members of its tax division.


As you already know, the IRS has been keeping its own 'enemies list' for targeting (tea party groups, pro-lifers, Christians). I guess they are taking a page from the SPLC's play book!

Stand up to Bullies


So eight aggressive lawyers from the Souther Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are suing a small Jewish group that counsels people with unwanted homosexual desires. This modest group, JOHAH, has no money to defend itself (bullies never pick on people their own size). So I'm defending them pro bono, but I could sure use your help in helping them.


The SPLC is accusing JONAH of consumer fraud because they offer help to people who want to change. The SPLC wants to make it illegal to consider homosexuality as anything but an eternal, unchanging, natural, and all-good human nature. And they are starting with JONAH. But don't think they will stop there.


There are lots of groups like JONAH and the Family Research Council on the SPLC's hate list. They will go after all of them, picking them off one at a time. That's not good for anyone who believes in freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, and free speech.


That's why this case is so important. My name is Chuck LiMandri and I founded the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund to protect our constitutional rights against threats just like this one.



(I'll be in New Jersey for oral arguments on the case next week, please pray for me and for the judge and for our clients.)



Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.


Charles S. LiMandri
Chief Counsel, Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund


P.S. The Southern Poverty Law Center has declared war on Christians and anyone who believes in marriage. They have made an idol out of the gay ideology and will persecute anyone declines to worship. And they have powerful allies in high places (like Obama's Justice Department). If you have the means, please donate now to the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund. Thank you and God bless you.




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