Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Grove City College

Dr J at Grove City College — an Important talk!

In April of this year, Dr J was invited to address the "Visions and Values Conference" at Grove City College and delivered her prepared remarks entitled,

The Human Person is Meant for Love: the Family as the foundation of Personal Development

This talk — recorded by Grove City College and very generously provided to us — was a little over an hour. We felt it was so valuable for all Ruth Institute constituents, that we separated it into four parts, and put the vids up onto our You Tube Channel so that you mgiht have access to them in a more digestible format. Click below to go to our channel and view all the videos for the complete talk, or one at a time as your schedule permits.  But don't miss this landmark speech by Dr. J.

Here are the titles to each section of the talk:

  • The Family as the Foundation of Personal development

  • Family Breakdown is Epensive to the Taxpayer

  • The State Intrudes into the Privacy of the Broken Home

  • The Dignity of the Person and the Future of Freedom

With Dr J's grueling travel and speaking schedule, she is very nearly a one-woman army, doing battle with the left on these vexing social developments. We would be most appreciative if you would consider a regular gift to the Ruth Institute to help Dr J in her fight to preserve our sacred social institutions—for your children and grandchildren.

Go to (or click the blinker below) and become a monthly donor to the Ruth Institute. Even a gift of ten dollars per month is a great help. If we can enlist just a hundred people like you in each state, we can fund our programs for a year.

AND with our heartfelt thanks we'll send you a link to a FREE DOWNLOAD of Dr Morse's book, "The Socialist Attack on the Family."



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