Thursday, July 18, 2013

Legislative Alert! - URGENT

NARTH Stands Ready to File Lawsuit Against New Jersey "Change Therapy" Bill 

We need you to ask Governor Christie to VETO this unconstitutional and dangerous legislation.

Call 609-292-600

Or email the Governor at


Both houses of the New Jersey legislature have passed A3371/S2278 - a bill to ban the right of parents to take their children to therapists who might assist the adolescent or child with their unwanted homosexual attractions. This legislation is similar to the California efforts to ban adolescent therapy that is currently before the Ninth Circuit Court on appeal because of the proactive efforts of NARTH and several NARTH clinicians who are being represented in this action by Liberty Counsel.


In addition to language used in the California bill the New Jersey legislation has even more egregious provisions that would threaten parents who take their children to "unlicensed" (read pastoral or religious) counselors in New Jersey or licensed counselors out of state with charges of "endangering the welfare of a child". These parents could then theoretically face the possibility of a New Jersey division of child and family services employee questioning their right to continue to parent their child in their home and threatening to place the child in foster care.


Please call Governor Christie and ask him to veto this bill. It isn't too late to stop this!


Once again, NARTH stands ready to work with Liberty Counsel to file a lawsuit to stop the implementation of this legislation if the Governor were to sign the bill into law.


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