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Have some fun countering the gay agenda

August 30, 2013
MassResistance Update
Pro-family activism

"In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
- George Orwell

1. Tired of having the homosexual "equal" sign always thrown in your face? Stick it back at them -- and counter the gay agenda -- with MassResistance's stickers.

Spanish version of blockbuster booklet "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts" now available.

3. Coming up after Labor Day ...

1. Tired of having the homosexual "equal" sign always thrown in your face? Stick it back at them -- and counter the gay agenda -- with MassResistance's stickers.

Most of you have surely seen the ubiquitous "equal" sticker on the backs of cars on the roads as well as on signs, in offices, throughout schools and colleges, and in all kinds of other places.

How many times have seen this in front of you in traffic?

What is it? Officially, it is the trademark logo of the national homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign (HRC). HRC is lavishly funded by corporate America and in turn creates a "gay-friendly" (and "transgender-friendly") rating system that hundreds of major companies try to score well on.


Psychological tactic that's a major part of national propaganda campaign

But the "equal" sign is much more than that. The concept of "equal" is the building block of the homosexual movement's overall propaganda campaign. Simply put, homosexuality must be considered "equal" to normal heterosexuality throughout society, on all levels of human activity.

That is their ongoing mantra, permeating everything they say and do. In many ways, that psychological tactic is the new version of the technique of "jamming" (explained in the early homosexual movement's literature).

For example, the term "marriage equality" is used to describe same-sex "marriage." "Equal rights" is used for changing laws to recognize and favor homosexuality. And it's in the name of most state homosexual lobbying/activist groups: MassEquality, EqualityMaine, EqualityMaryland, EqualityIllinois, EqualityDelaware, etc.

By pushing the "equal" sign everywhere, it's also meant to have an intimidating psychological effect on anyone who opposes their movement. Individual activists often display it as much as possible. It says that they're banded together, that they're everywhere, that their "equal" is the new normal, and that we don't have a chance countering their momentum.

MassResistance offers pro-family people a counter-message!

The truth is: It's NOT equal. And MassResistance has decided to help you fight back. We've just "come out" with our own sticker that subtly and simply counters their propaganda.

The counter-message from MassResistance: It's NOT equal. Now you can make your own statement!

And like the "equal" sticker, the "not equal" sticker is suitable for all kinds of creative uses. If they can do it, we certainly can!  Good people need to be willing to tell it like it is.

It fits perfectly on your car between your "Impeach Obama" and "NRA" stickers!
Or all kinds of places. It's particularly good for putting on doors and walls in public schools -- or better yet, in the State House!

How to get your stickers

SUPPORT THE CAUSE AND FIGHT THE FIGHT: Between now and Sept. 15 we'll send you two of our exclusive "not equal" stickers in return for a donation of any size to MassResistance.  We have a limited number in this first batch, so don't wait!
  Click HERE to make a donation
and get your two free stickers!

Or mail a check to:
MassResistance, PO Box 1612, Waltham, MA 02454

Don't take it anymore! Stop being intimidated. Poke a hole in their psychological tactics. You can fight back, have some fun -- and at the same support the best pro-family activist group in America!

2. Spanish version of blockbuster booklet "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts" now available.

Back in January during the "gay marriage" fight in Rhode Island, one of the bright spots was the outstanding activism by the state's Hispanic churches. The Hispanic congregations are wonderfully passionate about pro-family issues.

And that's been found to be true in several other states. MassResistance has even met with a coalition of Hispanic churches here in Massachusetts that is eager to get active.

Hispanic churches put on an incredible pro-marriage rally in the Rhode Island State House last March.

In early February the Rhode Island Hispanic Pastors Association went ahead and translated our booklet, "What same-sex 'marriage' has done to Massachusetts" into Spanish and distributed it to churches in the Providence area. It was very well received, we were told.

A few months later, the Illinois Family Institute had such a demand for a Spanish version during their successful marriage battle that they created their own and distributed over 5,000 copies across the state. It was a real hit!  (We even got a request from Puerto Rico for some copies.)

We now have that Spanish version available to everyone! You can order them for the same price as the English version: $2 each / $1.25 each for 25 or more / $1.00 each for 100 or more. You can order them by calling our office at 781-890-6001.


And, yes, we still have a Chinese version available, also!

3. Coming up after Labor Day ...

Our emails slowed down a bit during August, but things are really picking up after Labor Day. We've got LOTS to report on, including:

* Shocking news from last week's "National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association" national convention in Boston. Yes, we had someone there. And what we saw will REALLY shock you.

* How bad is the transgender agenda for children in "legitimate" medical circles? We'll analyze Dr. Norman Spack's testimony before the Massachusetts Legislature. Spack is the Boston Children's Hospital doctor who administers ghoulish (in our opinion) sex-change treatments to children. He's pretty honest about where they're going.

* Analysis of the judge's ruling in the Scott Lively case. Very revealing on what the mentality of today's left-wing judiciary has become.

* The battles across the country to stop the latest radical push: transgender and homosexual non-discrimination laws (a trend which started in Massachusetts).

* Where is transgender activism leading America? MassResistance goes inside a major national transgender conference. The short answer: In a very creepy direction.

* And much more, from "gay pride" and "youth pride" and the state pushing radicalism in the schools, partnering with homosexual groups. etc.



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