Tuesday, October 29, 2013


From the Christian Family Coalition of Florida –


Objectively speaking, a human being’s sex, age, color, race, ethnicity, or biological ancestry, among many other personal traits, are not up to them to arbitrarily decide; they are not based on a personal opinion, private fantasy or subjective perception.


Sex is a precisely determinable genetic fact. It is a scientifically demonstrable biological reality. As such, like it or not, sex can never be altered or changed. While an individual's physical appearance can be cosmetically changed or modified, or they can change their personal opinion as to their sex; their DNA, or chromosomes, can never be altered.


"Gender Identity” and “Gender Expression” are non-scientific, ideological terms, i.e., terms specifically concocted to advance an ideology or world view. Neither term is scientifically demonstrable, genetically verifiable, nor an objectively definable biological reality. Both terms are difficult if not practically impossible to scientifically interpret and define.


It is contrary to sound public policy to recognize or grant an individual the false “right” to freely disregard and openly misrepresent their biological sex because this will thereafter force the recognition and the granting of the false “right” to disregard and misrepresent one’s age, race, ethnicity, and all other biological realities.


Trans-Insanity extremists need to come to grips with the fact that there is no constitutional or rational right to demand that society accept their sexual fantasies, personal opinions or subjective ‘feelings’ about whether they are a man or a woman! This is not up to them to arbitrarily decide.


"Transsexual identity or expression" ordinances or laws have absolutely nothing to do with human or civil rights. Nothing! They are simply an excuse to unconstitutionally bully and discriminate everyone that disagrees with policies allowing so-called "transsexuals" to invade the privacy of dressing rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms and public showers of the opposite sex. They are about discrimination, pure and simple. Individuals proposing these gag “ordinances” are not really advocating equality, they are peddling insanity! They need to own up to it.







FIRST PRINCIPLE: Compassion, respect and love for all human beings inspire our opposition to extremist agendas and ideologies that impose universally rejected, biologically aberrant, and morally deviant sexual behaviors and preferences.


SECOND PRINCIPLE: Human rights are based on our humanity, not on our alleged sexual preferences, “identity” or “expression.”


THIRD PRINCIPLE: Fairness and Right Reason hold that no one can justly claim, demand, or receive a legal benefit, privilege, or right because of their alleged sexual preferences, “identity” or “expression.”


FOURTH PRINCIPLE: Mature adults respect themselves and others by treating human sexuality with the utmost dignity and decorum, as something personal, intimate, and private.


FIFTH PRINCIPLE: Emotionally stable, mentally balanced people self-identify and seek to be recognized by the content of their character, not by their alleged sexual preferences, sexual “identity” or sexual “expression.”


--- From the Christian Family Coalition of Florida


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