Monday, November 25, 2013

Lawmakers Ignore Thousands of Hawaii Citizens

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A Thanksgiving Sermon: Blessed Be the Lord

A Sermon Delivered in North Oxford [MA]
On the day of
Thanksgiving, Nov. 25, 1852
By Rev. Joseph Hodges Jr.,Pastor of the Baptist Church.

Psalm LXVIII [68]:19.
Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our Salvation.

The psalm from which our text is selected, is deemed one of the most excellent and sublime portions of the Sacred Scriptures. It was sung, most probably, on some public and joyous occasion, when the ark was carried to Mount Zion: possibly, after a successful engagement in battle. It embraces every general topic calculated to excite gratitude and call forth praise, in view of the divine mercy, protection and beneficence.

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Hawaii Votes to Legalize HAM (homosexuality as marriage)

Want to know how Hawaii legislators voted?
"Hawaii Remembers" web site

Thousands of Hawaii citizens expressed opposition to homosexuality as marriage, but Hawaii lawmakers voted for it anyway.

To view Hawaii legislators' votes, go

Lessons Learned from Hawaii Vote

Report from Mass Resistance
A Sea of Pro-Family People: Photo from Mass Resistance

The spectacle of "gay marriage" being pushed through the Hawaii Legislature's "special session" was unlike anything we've seen elsewhere. The outpouring of effort by Hawaii citizens against it was unbelievable. The process was extraordinarily corrupt and insulting. Rarely has such a huge public opposition to a bill been so blatantly ignored by politicians.

But we don't believe such defeat is inevitable. There are some important lessons from this and other recent "gay marriage" battles which the pro-family movement must recognize and use productively.

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