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The biggest threat to Christians that Main Stream Media won’t cover



They told me not to take this case on. They warned me it might prove my undoing.

I'm counting on you to see me – and our shared values – through to victory.

What am I talking about? The Southern Poverty Law Center is the Goliath of law firms–$250 million in the bank, social cachet with judges derived from its former noble work against racism, aligned with other top law firms all arrayed against us. And, as a brand new public interest law firm, we are hoping as David hoped to topple this behemoth which is trying to harass us and marginalize Christian teaching. We trust in the Lord to provide, and we turn to you for urgent help as our brothers and sisters.

What is the Southern Poverty Law Center?

The SPLC was originally born of a noble desire to use innovative legal strategy to shut down the KKK and other racist and Nazi hate groups. But like all things human, they proved corruptible. They are now raking in big money targeting what they define as "Christian anti-gay hate groups." Not even an assassin's bullets targeted at the Family Research Council last year shamed them into halting their anti-Christian legal juggernaut. They are big, they are powerful and they are determined that no voice they define as "anti-gay" should exist in the public square. You think I am exaggerating? Read on…

What is the JONAH case?

The JONAH (Jews Offering Alternative Healing) case is the tip of the spear. The SPLC is going after this small orthodox Jewish nonprofit that helps people with same-sex attraction live lives according to Biblical values—if that's what they want; If that's how they choose to live, according to God's word and not the flesh. The SPLC is misusing New Jersey's consumer fraud statute to threaten JONAH's very existence. Arthur Goldberg, founder of JONAH, is a good guy who does this work out of the love of God. But the threats won't stop there. The SPLC has already identified 70 other Christian nonprofits it plans to flood with litigation threats if it wins this case. Your generous support now could enable us to head off a bankrupting flood of $100 million lawsuits down the road! Please consider helping us with a financial gift. The total defense of JONAH will take fourteen months and cost $1.6 Million. That is why we plead for your help.

Our dedicated team of trial attorneys is standing in the breach defending you against the onslaught of dark forces that want to take away our right to live according to our conscience.

When you stand with FCDF, you are standing up for religious freedom. You recognize that the battle to define the next generation of families is taking place in court rooms across the nation. That is where you will find our dedicated trial lawyers. Listen to the voices of JONAH's clients, men who defied the conventional wisdom that there is only one way to respond to same-sex attraction—by giving into temptation and giving up their religious beliefs.

Instead these brave men took action—they asked for help, they got help, and they are now proud to live lives in accordance with God's will, not the world's.

People like Jeff B., who testified:

"I first came to grips with the fact that I experienced homosexual feelings at the age of twenty. Shortly thereafter, I sought out help for these feelings that would help me deal with them constructively. I have participated in individual and group therapy, as well as experiential weekends, that were aimed at helping me better manage my homosexual attractions within the context of my value system. To me all of this information I learned was a revelation. It helped me confront my shame. It motivated me to try to repair my family relationships, and helped me learn how to better relate to other men, whom I had ignored or disdained. It's made me much more accepting of myself and of others. I have a wife and child, happily married for 9 years now."

Jeff has a word for the SPLC and anyone else who wants to shut down religious nonprofits helping other men like him:

"Exposing practitioners of sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE) to lawsuits, laws banning the practice of SOCE, and well-coordinated media campaigns vilifying the practitioners of SOCE constitute an unacceptable abridgement of my right to self-determination and a violation of my freedom of religion, speech, and association, which are supposedly guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States."

Jeff is braving the ridicule of the gay rights mob along with the natural doubts of his fellow believers. It's painful and difficult to admit to temptations to sin, and even harder and braver to publicly fight those who say change is impossible. Jeff is fighting for his rights, and yours, and our children's and grandchildren's rights. Will you stand with Jeff? A generous donor has promised to double any gift you give so right now, if God is speaking to you through my voice, your gift of $30 will become $60; $500 will become $1000. Any gift up to $5000 will be doubled right now.

Please, Jeff needs your help, and I need your help to beat the Southern Poverty Law Center at their own devious game.

Preston D. is another fine man whose rights the SPLC is trying to strip away with this case. Preston first experienced homosexual feeling around the age of 12 and for a long time he dealt with them alone. For him JONAH was the path that put him into connection with other men like himself, so he learned choice and freedom were possible for him:

"Finally, I wasn't alone. I felt clear and distinct transitioning/growth through my same sex attraction. I felt more confident. I felt capable of accomplishing the goals and dreams I've always had for myself but never fully believed I was adequate enough to fulfill them. I believe that it would be a violation of my right to self-determination, and my freedom of speech, association, etc. to deprive me, and others, of the opportunity to voluntarily seek to benefit from these services," Preston says.

The SPLC wants to keep men like Preston isolated and deprive them of their God-given right to seek help, to act in freedom, to have a choice, and to choose to live as they believe God intends.

Preston needs your help too.

Don D. tried to get help through his HMO's therapist for five long years, but that therapist told him there's nothing to do with same-sex attraction (SSA) but affirm it. Finally he paid out of pocket with his own money to see a specialist who believes same-sex attraction is not necessarily inevitable. Change is possible for many, and chastity—living your life according to Christian teachings whether married or single– is always possible.

"My new therapist began to help me deal with the underlying issues which I now realize caused my same-sex attractions and in particular my unresolved emotional pain from childhood trauma which was the precipitating factor underlying my SSA. I quickly achieved greater emotional health. I experienced both quick and dramatic improvement. For the first time in my life, I began to develop healthy, emotionally close friendships with straight men. The combination of approximately two years of therapy and the experiences I had in my new friendships resulted in me beginning to see the first reductions in my same sex attraction," Don says, "Now three and a half years after beginning reparative therapy (the type of therapy challenged in this court proceeding), I am happier than I have ever been. I live and think and act and feel in ways that are consistent with my core values. I have no desire to have sex with a man … . Moreover, I am experiencing a growing attraction to women that I believe will continue to improve with additional therapy."

What the SPLC is doing trying to block Don and others like him from getting help makes Don mad, "When I first heard of attempts to block access to gender affirming processes or reparative therapy by the actions of professional organizations or through legislation I was shocked and angry. This therapy has revolutionized my life and made it better in almost every way I can imagine," he testifies.

What are we defending with JONAH?

We are defending your rights and the rights of every Bible believer who knows that it is possible—and necessary—to conform our life to Christ's will, rather than to the world's. The great lie that change is never possible is being used to ban therapy in liberal blue states like California and New Jersey.

If people are not allowed to access professional help, they are less likely to achieve the change they seek. And they are being denied a basic human right that all other American enjoy.

The SPLC is betting they could sneak this case past the media and Christians (and other believers in Bible values). The mainstream media isn't covering it. Even Fox News isn't covering it.

Most public interest law firms turned this case down, because it is extraordinarily expensive and time consuming to conduct a trial against a giant like SPLC which can flood its opposition with legal work, jacking up expenses at every turn. But I couldn't do it. I couldn't turn my back on men like Arthur, and Jeff, and Don, and Preston who are braving the storm winds headed our way.

I couldn't ignore the threat that SPLC poses to Christians and other Bible believers all around the country. They are counting on you to ignore the just pleas of men like Jeff and Don and Preston too.

But I am betting and praying that, if God has given you the means, you will come through and take a stand to defend our shared Biblical values.

I am betting, and praying, that you will dare to take on the Southern Poverty Law center in the most epic earthshattering legal case the mainstream media doesn't want you to know about.

We need $1.3 Million to get this case to the trial phase.

Would you consider a monthly give of just $10 from now until the end of the trial expected in 2014?

Remember, a generous donor has offered to double any gift you give, to keep hope alive for Jeff and Preston and Don and others like them across this great country. Your gift of $250 becomes $500, $500 becomes $1000. $1500 becomes $3000 up to a gift of $5000.

Ask God what he wants of you. If he is calling you to help, please answer that call and give generously.

You can learn more about me and the Freedom of Conscience Defense fund at

But let me close with one last testimonial, from my dear friend Alan Sears of the noble Alliance Defending Freedom:

"Chuck has developed a specialized expertise that neither of our organizations (Alliance Defending Freedom and The Bradley Foundation), given our limited resources, can presently make the center of our attention. He has a long and distinguished record of success as a trial attorney, and he is well-recognized and respected by others in his profession."

"For over a decade, Chuck has led the legal effort to preserve the Mt. Soledad War Memorial Cross honoring our fallen heroes from a relentless legal attack from the ACLU and other groups. In addition, Chuck also successfully represented San Diego firefighters whose right of conscience was violated when they were forced to drive their fire engine in the local 'Gay Rights Parade,' against their expressed will not to do so."

"Chuck LiMandri's combination of experience in employment discrimination, contract torts, and defamation law – coupled with his incredible winning track record – are a distinct and essential contribution that will be necessary to protect traditional believers. That is why I urge you to help Chuck's work, so he can hit the ground running in defense of our constitutionally-protected freedoms."

If you have already donated, please consider donating again. If you haven't yet supported us, please do so now.

As we enter the Advent Season our prayers are with each of you.

Chuck LiMandri
Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund

P.S. We have received a matching gift challenge that runs through December 31, 2013 … please act now. Every dollar that you send helps us in this struggle.


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