Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Freedom X to Hagel: Dump Southern Poverty Law Center

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Freedom X, a California non-profit public interest law firm and member of the Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition Sends Letter to Secretary of Defense urging the Pentagon to stop relying on the Southern Povery Law Center in its employment training. 


LOS ANGELES, DECEMBER 11, 2013 - Freedom X, a California non-profit public interest law firm and member of the Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition (RMRFC), today urged Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to halt a U.S. Army practice of using Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) literature in its equal opportunity employment training.


In October, Lt. General (Ret.) William G. Boykin, Executive Vice President Family Research Council and head of the Coalition, wrote Hagel expressing concern over recent violent incidents in which the American Family Association and the Family Research Council, both coalition members, were described as extremists by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a far left group that publishes a list of organizations it deems "hate groups." The AFA and FRC have been targeted by the SPLC as hate groups due to their support for the traditional definition of marriage and opposition to homosexual activism. In February, SPLC was linked to domestic terrorism when Floyd Lee Corkins admitted using its website to target the FRC prior to storming its Washington D.C. headquarters with the intention of committing mass killings.


The Department of Defense has yet to announce whether it will discontinue relying on SPLC materials in its employment courses.


"On behalf of Freedom X, I urge Secretary Hagel to address this matter with a sense of urgency and put a stop to the growing disenfranchisement of Christianity within the Armed Forces," said Freedom X founder and president,  William J. Becker, Jr., who co-signed the letter sent to Hagel along with 15 other Coalition members.



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Freedom X is a California non-profit public interest supporting the right of Christians and conservatives to be free of discrimination. 


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