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Objects of Extreme Hate: Ex-Homosexuals

Nov. 14, 2013 

That the militant homosexual lobby is expert at hatred and spewing forth venomous bile at anyone who dares to differ is of course well known, and has been amply documented here hundreds of times. But the great focus of their rage and hatred is on those who dare to leave the homosexual lifestyle. That is the really big taboo.

They absolutely hate it when a homosexual is set free from this deadly and dead-end lifestyle. Of course the reason for this is obvious: it derails their entire false premise that this is a condition one is born with and is completely unalterable. The fact that so many have fully left the homosexual lifestyle obviously gives lie to the myth that homosexuals cannot change.

I know many of these folks personally. They were deeply into the homosexual lifestyle, but have now been set gloriously free from this unhealthy and high-risk lifestyle. There are probably only two other areas in which conversion out is considered to be so heinous.

In Islam the "sin" of apostasy is met with only one response: death. And when an atheist dares to leave the world of ideological atheism, all hell breaks out there as well, as in the recent case of Antony Flew. All rigid and destructive ideologies absolutely hate it when anyone dares to defect. It is the unpardonable sin which must be ferociously denounced.

And we have experienced similar sorts of such warfare in the past. During the height of the Cold War there were many who treasured freedom, rule of law, and democracy, and knew that Communism was wholly incompatible with those goods.

But many did not like these folks, so we ended up with the phenomenon of anti-anti-Communism. It seems we have the same here today: the reality of anti-anti-homosexuality. Or in this case, more specifically, anti-ex-homosexuality. The militants have declared war on their own, and any who has the courage and sense to defect from this dangerous lifestyle is branded a traitor and vilified in horrific fashion.

Examples of this are all over the place. I know the demonic abuse my ex-homosexual friends receive from the hate brigade. It certainly is not pretty. Here I offer a few more stories from ex-homosexuals - you know, those people who are not supposed to exist. Just as blacks were once an invisible people, today ex-homosexuals are.

Consider the case of former self-described "Satanic Drag Queen" Trace McNutt. He received the First Annual Courage Award for Former Homosexuals as a part of the 2013 Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner in Washington. Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), a non-profit organization that advocates and supports former homosexuals and their families, hosted the event.

As one article states, "'When gays come out of the closet they are welcomed, but former homosexuals are forced to remain hidden because of defamation by anti-ex-gay extremists and marginalization from American society,' commented Christopher Doyle, Co-Founder and President of Voice of the Voiceless (VoV).

"'It takes a lot of courage for ex-gays such as Trace McNutt to tell their stories, especially considering that doing so brings scorn and punishment, such was seen with Grammy-award
winner gospel singer Donnie McClurklin, who last month was scheduled to headline a 50th Anniversary March on Washington celebration, but was uninvited because he is ex-gay.'

"Individuals that have left homosexuality overcome more than just unwanted same-sex attractions. Trace McNutt was rejected by his family, bullied relentlessly by his classmates, and then victimized by the gay community, who used him for entertainment and then disregarded him once he became addicted to drugs and infected with HIV. At one point, Trace was so sick and destitute that he became homeless and was forced to live in a dumpster on the streets; the very drag queen community that welcomed him with open arms threw him away like yesterday's trash once he was unable to perform. You can watch Trace's story by clicking here.

"It wasn't until Trace came out of homosexuality, became a Christian, and stopped performing as a self-described 'Satanic Drag Queen' called 'Coma' that his former community paid attention to him. He received defamation, hate mail, and death threats from the so-called tolerant gay community. 'Trace's experience is proof that when ex-gays leave homosexuality, they are attacked and faced with an unbelievable amount of hostility. In today's anti-ex-gay climate, talking publicly about leaving homosexuality is truly an act of courage. Trace McNutt is a real hero,' commented Doyle."

Another ex-homosexual is concerned about how others are seeking to drag such folks back into bondage. He especially refers to Alan Chambers of Exodus, a group he effectively destroyed by selling out to the other side. I wrote about that elsewhere:

Says Mattie Walk, "I am weary these days. I know the truth of my story about walking away from homosexuality. I celebrate the freedom I have found in Jesus Christ. Yet, I am weary, because so many are still being deceived by the haunting echoes of Alan Chamber's opening speech from the 38th Annual Exodus Conference.

"As a result of those words I find myself having to defend my beliefs and my testimony to a wider demographic of people than ever before. Never in a million years would I have thought I would find myself head to head debating Christians or at least people who claim to be 'Christians', about the acceptance homosexuality in the church.

"I was there that fateful night. I can only say that I appreciate the distance, time has given me. Exodus, like the 
Titanic, was once grand, but seemingly overnight its stability was compromised and it sank out from under us. Those of us in the proverbial lifeboats or worse yet in the water were either left to succumb to the elements or be set adrift as Chambers and colleagues moved on to start a new ministry.

"Which is perplexing, because Chambers himself said 'we believe that Exodus must go out of business so the church can do its 
job. And this will leave a void, one that I hope will not be filled by anything else but the church.' He stated that the new ministry would help the church reach a new generation.

"So let me get this straight. It was better to close a well-established organization that has stepped alongside churches for the last 37 years so that the church can do its 
job. And the void should not be filled by anything, but the church, unless it's a new ministry run by the old Executive Exodus Staff that plans to step alongside the church to help the church minister to people. Wasn't that what Exodus was doing?"

He concludes: "I obviously don't write this blog for popularity. I am by no means trying to make anyone decide between Team Alan or Team Matthew. I honestly think it's extremely necessary though that when evil rears its ugly head that we have to speak up for the truth. Alan may be resting up nicely as the head of a new, unnecessary as it may be, organization, but he left a thousand loose ends and wounded hearts in the wake of his perceived successful reign.

"As often as that speech is referenced, I will share my 'True Story' of what being there felt like. It was like waking up to a battlefield of dead bodies from a war we didn't know was being fought. For some that was their first taste of what Exodus. For others it was witnessing the death of an old friend.

"Wherever you fit into this picture my friends, please remember that Alan Chambers is just a man as I am just a man. Opinion on either side does not compare the word of God that was the catalyst for powerful change in my life. Change is 
indeed possible. Don't build a foundation for your eternity on the opinions of men. Seek out your own answers in prayer, in the bible and through the power of the Holy Spirit."

Yes I know all about these sham Christians who have betrayed the Lord and betrayed the many brave ex-homosexuals. But that is always how it goes. We must 
continue to stand up for what is right, and ignore the haters and the deceivers. Jesus faced all this and more, and so must we.


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