Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maryland Transgender Bill Action alert

Tell your Legislators to Vote NO on the Maryland Gender Identity Bathroom Bill

The Maryland Senate tried with amendments, but they just can't fix the bathroom bill.  Contact your legislator today and say "NO" to the so-called Fairness to All Marylanders Senate Bill 212/House Bill 1265.  Everyone realizes that the SB 212/HB 1265 bathroom bill will put cross-dressing men in women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, store dressing rooms, and showers.  An added unrealistic amendment that might protect locker rooms only works IF your local swimming pool or health club has enough money and puts in "an equivalent"  facility.  And this will probably last only as long as the first lawsuit when the judge decides that separate but not equal is discrimination.

Isn't this a crazy world?  This gender identity theft-bathroom bill (SB 212/HB 1265) will place men and boys on women’s and girls’ sports teams, in ladies’ bathrooms, and in the women’s dressing room at the mall.
Other problems with this gender bending bill are that employers will not be able to establish dress codes, and freedom of conscience and religion will be lost for individuals who merely want to recognize the reality of true birth sex. Gender harassment lawsuits will abound for those who call an individual "he" instead of "she" because of a cross-dresser’s underlying gender confusion. Schools will be unable to prevent men and boys from entering female locker rooms because schools will not have funding and space to build separate transgender facilities.

As the Maryland Catholic Conference wrote in their opposition to Bill SB 212, the proposed law would undermine in law a recognition of the inextricable link between a person’s human nature and his or her identity as a man or woman.

Contact your legislators today at our easy email action center at https://www.libertyactioncenter.com/campaign/530c06a8-d9dc-4fc0-9144-1e3732741282  and  ask them to vote NO on Senate Bill 212/House Bill 1265.  Thank you!

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