Thursday, February 20, 2014

Revealed: Gay Activists' Plan to Bankrupt Christians



NYT Reveals Gay Activists' Plan: Bankrupt Christians believers in pro-family values.

On February 12, 2014, a New York Times (NYT) columnist revealed the ultimate plan of gay activists: bankrupt Christian and Jewish organizations and individuals that dare to help people with same-sex attraction live lives consistent with their personal and religious principles.

Hello, my name is Charles LiMandri, I am a board-certified trial lawyer who you may know from my work keeping the Mt. Soledad Cross on shining on the hills of San Diego, or helping to get Prop. 8 on the ballot. I left a lucrative private practice to devote my skills to serving God and Country.

Now, my skills and the devoted lawyers at our Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund (and the grace of God!) are all that stand between a new wave of bankrupting lawsuits designed for one political purpose: to repress the rights of believers who seek to live their sexual lives God's way, not the New York Times' way.

We need your help today to STOP the Southern Poverty Law Center from using its $250 million war chest to bankrupt and intimidate believers throughout this great land.

The New York Times on February 12 just revealed the once-hidden plan. You must read this, because I need your help to stop it. After reading this, I believe you will see why you need to act and to act now!

Listen to this New York Times columnist describe the case that we at the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund are defending, Ferguson, et. al vs. JONAH, et. al. Hear him speak openly of the plan to bankrupt those religious counselors and nonprofits that help Judeo-Christian believers deal with their own unwanted same-sex attractions in a Godly manner.

Because courts may object to the efforts of gay activists and their allies to ban so-called "conversion therapy" (which in their eyes means any kind of counseling that does not urge patients to lead actively homosexual lives), they've settled on a new strategy: Bankrupt us! Read first the limitations the writer suggests about the old strategy:

"But if the goal is shutting down as many practitioners as possible, this strategy [legislative bans on conversion therapy] has its limitations. For one thing, it's unlikely that conservative states, where conversion therapists are most active, will follow suit. More important, such bans are likely to lead to costly and time-consuming legal battles."

The NYT columnist notes that even many judges in the notoriously liberal Ninth Circuit doubted they could punish therapists for saying things to their patients the government doesn't like. So then this NYT columnist lays out the real goal of their newly developed plan:

"A handful of successful suits and regulatory crackdowns could destabilize this network by bankrupting these organizations, raising malpractice insurance rates for individual conversion therapists, and leaving practitioners to reconsider the value of persisting in practices that are deceptive under the law."

Let me lay out for you what this line of thinking makes clear: The "gay rights movement" does not intend to stop with marriage. They are not content to simply live their lives according to their own worldly lights.

No other major religious liberty law firm has the trial law experience to take on this case. Most of them, fine organizations all, I hasten to add, practice appellate law, writing briefs and making arguments before higher courts. Trial work is different. It is grueling, expensive, hand-to-hand combat. I am spending the next few weeks flying around the country taking and defending depositions of parties and dozens of witnesses. Few attorneys take on THIS kind of legal battle.

But let me tell you something: I am confident we are going to win this case and beat back this fiery dragon (St. Michael, defend us in battle!)—but I need your help to do so. It will cost us about $80,000 each month to take this case to trial and to continue doing the detailed investigations required in this case. And, be aware that the case is not scheduled for trial until next year. So, the costs continue to mount. With God's help, I need to sign up this week at least 50 new defenders of freedom and to join with us to take on the New York Times and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Please dig deep and join the battle against this truly insidious effort to oppress our freedoms—and the rights of thousands of your neighbors who seek help to live Godly lives.

Not many are willing to take the heat to stand with these brave people who choose God over the flesh, and seek help to do so.

Will you be one of the brave?

Will you pledge $5 today to defend religious liberty in America against the latest and most insidious attack of all? Will you pledge $10 or $50 or $100?

If God has given you the means, would you please consider a major donation of $1,000 or $5,000 to keep the fight going?

If you help, I promise you: you will share in the glow that comes from knowing when times were tough, you stood tall. You helped your neighbor when others were willing to look the other way. And I hope and pray I will be able to return with you to share the news of the glorious and great victory your own sacrifice of treasure helped make possible.

I continue to hope, pray and fight that our Country will never become a place where Christians, Jews and other believers in Biblical morality are treated as—well how did the NYT columnist put it? "despicable" "snake-oil salesman" to be "put out of business."


Charles LiMandri

P.S. A regular monthly contribution of just $10 a month will help us fight this publicly announced plan to bankrupt Christians, Jews, and other believers in this country—can you help?


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