Saturday, February 15, 2014

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I just started a petition on that is about an issue that is very important to me. The more people that sign my petition, the more likely it is to win. Will you help me by signing?









The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences revoked teh Oscar nomination for the song "Alone, Yet Not Alone," citing unethical behavior by Bruce Broughton, who composed the song and is a member of the executive committee sent out some emails urging people to listen to the song. In his own words, Mr. Broughton said, “What happens is that the music branch of the Academy puts all the songs on a disc and I was concerned that this song would be really easy to overlook. So, yeah, I wrote some people and said, ‘Could you just take a look.’ That was literally the extent of the campaigning. I received in the mail songs from other films that were pressed and recorded CDs. We didn’t do anything like that at all.” Other songs are actively campaigned for in a myriad of ways, yet Mr. Broughton's emails are "unethical." This decision came only after many complaints were lodged against the song, not because of Mr. Broughton's emails, but because the song is sung by Joni Earreckson Tada, who is not a recording artist and is, in fact a noted Christian speaker. The movie the song was written for, by the same name as the song, is a movie about the true story of a Christian family who has two daughters kidnapped by native American tribes in the mid 18th century. Here are some of the comments made about the song and it's nomination.





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