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FW: Coaching groups for SSA men meet Tuesdays, by phone and online


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"Journey Together" 

Coaching Tele-Group


Phone & Web Support for Men on a Journey Out of Same-Sex Attraction



2 Times to Choose From:


-- Tuesdays 7:30 pm UK Time 

(8:30 pm Europe, 9:30 pm Israel,

2:30 pm US Eastern Time, 

11:30 am US Pacific) 


-- Tuesdays 9 pm US Eastern Time

(6 pm US Pacific Time)


You don't need to "journey" alone any more: Peer support and professional coaching are as close as the phone or Internet.


People Can Change runs TWO weekly, professionally facilitated coaching groups for men on the journey out of unwanted same-sex attraction -- one in the evening in Europe (afternoon in the US) and one in the evening in the US.


Whether you've already been through the Journey Into Manhood weekend and are looking for ongoing support and follow-through... or you are just starting out on this journey... this group is for you. 


Cost is US$75 for four weekly, 80-minute sessions, renewable monthly.


Facilitator is Rich Wyler, founder of People Can Change and Journey Into Manhood, and a certified life coach.


Sessions may include:

  • Check-in, goals, stretches, affirmations
  • Accountability (optional)
  • Beliefs inquiry: Challenging distressing beliefs/stories
  • SSA reframing
  • Voice dialogue (interviews with "sub-parts" of your personality)
  • Teaching
  • Discussion
  • Peer support



or contact Rich Wyler at 

or 1-434-985-8551


What Past Participants 


  "I love getting a lot of actual one-on-one time with the facilitator in a small-group format, and specific training in practical approaches to work on our issues." 


"It is excellent coaching."


"Each man has the opportunity to do his work and be heard. Rich is a great facilitator and is very welcoming. I also like hearing the other men express something that I may have felt but wasn't able to express."



"I love the freedom to talk about anything that's on your mind. The facilitator can respond to anything that comes up." 


"I value the bonding with the other men, hearing their stories, feeling their emotions, sharing the journey with them."



"Especially for Wives" 


Coaching Group, 

by Teleconference


Sunday Evenings, 


8:30 to 9:50 pm 

US Eastern Time 





Mary Jane Morgan

Professional Life Coach and 

co-creator of 

"A Wife's Healing Journey"



Rich Wyler

Certified Life Coach,

Founder & Director of

People Can Change,

and co-creator of

"A Wife's Healing Journey"

and "Journey Into Manhood"



Women journeying together


Wives of men who deal with unwanted same-sex attraction often feel alone, fearful and confused about how to deal with their husband's SSA and how to be supportive of him while dealing with their own fears and pain.


People Can Change runs a weekly telephone-based coaching group to support wives of SSA men who are looking for understanding, hope and support.


Co-facilitators Mary Jane and Rich both coach from personal experience in marriages that once struggled but ultimately survived and even thrived through the husband's journey

uplift 3beyond same-sex attraction. 


Cost of the group is $85 for 4 weekly sessions, renewable monthly. 


Minimum number of participants is 4, maximum is 



Click here to register.


Questions? Contact:

Rich Wyler at 434-981-8551 or 


Rich Wyler
People Can Change


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