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Fwd: Children and Christians: Pawns in the "gay" bullying game

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Children and Christians: Pawns in the "Gay" Bullying Game

Linda Harvey,

Parents in Minnesota and Iowa are fighting bills that would usher in sweeping pro-homosexual school programs, all in the name of "bullying prevention," but it's a smoke and mirrors game. There's a time and place for laws that take authentic bullies to task, and they are not always in the schoolhouse.

Arizona and other states are terrified of anti-bullying legislation. That's essentially what religious freedom bills are: an attempt to rein in the bullying of aggressive leftists and their allies who target Christians with spurious lawsuits, disemployment, hefty fines, and/or character assassination.

The Human Rights Campaign now says RFRA bills are a "license to discriminate." That's their take on the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom for millions of Americans.

It's essentially a declaration of war.

First Amendment rights shouldn't be controversial. What's astounding is the notion that "gay" behavior must be honored by force if necessary, even as marriage.

Or as respectable identities for children. But "anti-bullying" policies are now perceived as essential in public schools nationwide and are often a cover for mandated "LGBT" indoctrination and suppression of any objections.

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The New World of "Gay Youth": Unfair to Kids

Book Review of "Maybe He's Not Gay"
Janice Graham, Standard of Liberty

At last! We've needed books like Linda Harvey's for decades, ever since the highly-funded and powerful sexual activist movement started targeting kids through websites, schools, clubs, gay pride centers, entertainment, books, policies, and laws. GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) is the worst. Linda reports, "They encourage kids to 'come out' at younger and younger ages [kindergarten on up]. . . without telling [them] about the possible harm . . ."

Here is a slim volume, laid out and expressed in a way unintimidating to teens of all ages, with just enough hard facts and common sense to counteract the dangerous lies GLSEN and many others have been irresponsibly spreading all these years and expose these homosexualists for the predators they are.

This book is for teens. Why? Because they are unwitting pawns getting caught in the unlimited sexuality juggernaut...

Thank you, Linda Harvey, for Maybe He's Not Gay!

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High school students are reading Linda Harvey's book!

It's truly another view on homosexuality that our kids need to hear.
How do we overcome the propaganda?

The "Day of Silence" is coming up in several weeks. This pro-homosexual protest observed by many students in high schools and even in some middle schools, is tragically misleading, convincing many of America's sons and daughters that people are "born gay," that there's no risk in entering this lifestyle and that any Christians who don't buy this are ignorant and hateful. It's a bunch of baloney wrapped into an "anti-bullying" message.

Wouldn't it be great if some of our public school students could read my book this spring, to be able to discuss the claims of their peers around the "Day of Silence"?

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