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Fwd: Homosexual Group Believes First Amendment is a "License to Discriminate"

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Homosexual Group Believes First Amendment is a "License to Discriminate"

Does in-your-face attitude portend even more aggressive bullying by nation's major homosexual pressure group?

Just read the arrogant and disrespectful tone of this war declaration by the nation's predominant homosexual group, the Human Rights Campaign.

They have zero tolerance for the First Amendment rights guaranteed to all Americans, which are simply restated in RFRA laws. A RFRA law passed at the federal level in 1993, signed by that well-known rabid conservative, President Bill Clinton. What are these people afraid of?

Apparently, the reason HRC takes such a fascist position is simply to defend immoral, high risk behavior and punish resisters. This should be a chilling reminder to all of us that this agenda and its proponents are ruthless.

From the Human Rights Campaign blog, commenting on the troubling veto of the AZ religious freedom measure:

HRC blog--
Today Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a recently-passed bill that would have allowed businesses to refuse services to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community on the basis of religious freedom. This morning, HRC delivered 65,000 petition signatures to Gov. Brewer calling on her to veto the bill. The so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act could have been used to protect businesses that discriminate not only against the LGBT community but also unmarried women or veterans, among other groups.

"With today's veto, Governor Brewer spared her state from institutional discrimination and economic catastrophe. Make no mistake, there is no better way to doom jobs in a state than by signing license-to-discriminate bills," said HRC President Chad Griffin. "The bipartisan outpouring of opposition to this bill is all the proof you need that this country isn't turning backwards. Governor Brewer did the right thing in stopping this assault on businesses and the LGBT community and we call on her and the legislature--and governors and legislators in other states--to resist any attempt to give license to discrimination."

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Resistance in the age of bullying

Robert Knight, Washington Times
Photo: Leftist protest sign with typical distorted message

As official intolerance grows, the courageous are starting to push back.

I don't know about you, but I'm hearing more and more from people around the country who are terrified about where the nation is headed.

Every day, we're confronted with more unchecked abuses of power. Judges, attorneys general, governors, legislators and the president of the United States are openly ignoring their oaths to uphold the law.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), fresh from being exposed for targeting Tea Parties, brazenly proposes new rules to make sure agents can continue the persecution without worrying about legalities.

Even the mighty National Football League and the 2015 Super Bowl were used as leverage by homosexual activists and their corporate allies to kill a much-needed religious-freedom bill in Arizona recently.

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Big 'Gay' Brother is Watching You

Eric Holmberg,

In Orwell's classic dystopian novel, the fascist government of Oceania and its enigmatic dictator Big Brother attempt to brainwash the masses to accept non sequiturs like "war is peace" and "ignorance is strength." But in the real world such paradoxical memes inevitably lead to mindlessness – or madness – or are forced to eventually give way to the constraints of cognitive dissonance: the psychological stress that results from holding conflicting ideas or values simultaneously. Hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have shown that people are profoundly motivated, consciously or subconsciously, to achieve consonance – to reduce this conflict or dissonance – by eliminating or at least suppressing one of the conflicting ideas.

For individuals who find themselves experiencing erotic, same-sex desires for the first time – and let's acknowledge that for most these feelings are involuntary – cognitive dissonance in the form of guilt or shame is very common....

And make no mistake about it, denying that there's such a thing as an ex-homosexual is just the beginning. There are many in the homosexual community as well as the homophiles that support them who have been emboldened by the growing acceptance of gay marriage and other trends in the culture. The gloves are coming off as they are driven to eradicate every vestige of dissonance, any trace of mores, behavior, thought, tradition and public policy that in any way suggests or reminds people that heterosexuality is normal, God-ordained and morally or ontologically superior to homosexuality.

ARTICLE continues

Study: Southern Poverty Law Center Ignores Liberal Hate

Austin Ruse,

An academic study has accused the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) of having an anti-Christian bias in its reporting on hate groups in America.

Once considered the "gold standard" in reporting on violent anti-government or racist groups in America, the Southern Poverty Law Center's reputation has begun to wither as it has started targeting conservative Christian groups including the Family Research Council (FRC) for what SPLC claims is anti-gay animus.

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