Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fwd: IHF Files Amicus Brief In Support of Lawsuit Challenging New Jersey's Change Therapy Ban

IHF Files an Amicus Brief in support of Alliance Defending Freedoms' lawsuit against the change therapy ban in New Jersey.

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NJ Governor Christie's Opinion on Heterosexual Therapy Ban Based on False Testimony

On March 18, the New Jersey Senate Health, Human Services, and Senior Citizens Committee held a three-hour hearing on a bill that would take away the rights of minors who experience unwanted same-sex attraction (SSA) to receive therapy from licensed mental health professionals. Even if they were sexually abused by the likes of pedophile Jerry Sandusky and developed SSA as a result – and do not wish to live a gay life – this law would forbid them to get help from a counselor to pursue their heterosexual potential.

Setting the Record Straight on 'Gay Conversion' Therapy for Minors

As a response to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' refusal to hear an appeal over the 2012 California law prohibiting Sexual Orientation Change Effort (SOCE) therapy for minors, it has been open season for anti-therapy activists. To compliment existing laws in New Jersey and the Golden State, legislation has also been introduced in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington, Ohio, Washington, D.C., Florida, Minnesota, New York, Maryland, Hawaii, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Pundits across the political spectrum are anticipating more laws to come in 2014.

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