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Need your action now!

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Stop the Bathroom Bill!

Tell your Legislators to Vote NO on the Maryland Gender Identity Bathroom Bill

The Maryland legislative session is in full swing. Right now we need your immediate voice on an upcoming vote in the House of Representatives.

The legislation in question is House Bill 1265, officially titled "Fairness to All Marylanders Act" – also known as "The Bathroom Bill." (HB 1265 originated as Senate Bill 212 and passed in the Senate on February 28.) The vote is likely to be called early next week. (Make your voice heard right now.)

What Is The Bathroom Bill?

If passed, this radical bill will require all public facilities to be open to anyone – regardless of gender or gender expression.  Simply put, both men and women would be able to use any and every public bathroom, locker room, store dressing room, and shower in the state of Maryland.

That means cross-dressers and transgender individuals will be allowed in any public rest room facility, regardless of whether it is labeled for men or for women. How would you like a man, pretending to be a woman, to use the bathroom or possibly even a communal shower with your daughter?

That will happen if SB 212/HB 1265 is passed. (Contact your representative and ask him or her to vote NO.)

An added (yet unrealistic) amendment that might protect these public facilities – an additional transgender rest room or bathroom – only works IF your local school, swimming pool, health club, or store has enough money and puts in "an equivalent" facility.  And this will probably last only as long as the first lawsuit when the judge decides that separate but not equal is discrimination.

This bill epitomizes the continued assault on families and the best protection for our children.

What else can happen if SB 212/HB 1265 is passed

  • The Bathroom Bill will place men and boys on women's and girls' sports teams, in ladies' bathrooms, and in the women's dressing room at the mall.
  • Employers will not be able to establish dress codes.
  • Freedom of conscience and religion will be lost for individuals who merely want to recognize the reality of true birth sex. As the Maryland Catholic Conference wrote in their opposition to SB 212, the proposed law would undermine in law a recognition of the inextricable link between a person's human nature and his or her identity as a man or woman.
  • Gender harassment lawsuits will abound for those who call an individual "he" instead of "she" as a result of a cross-dresser's underlying gender confusion.
  • Schools will be unable to prevent men and boys from entering female locker rooms, since many schools will not have funding and space to build separate transgender facilities.

Please Take Action Right Now
The vote on The Bathroom Bill will happen in a matter of days. Please contact your Maryland legislators today.  Ask them to vote NO on Senate Bill 212/House Bill 1265. (Click here.)

If The Bathroom Bill becomes law, it will radically change Maryland's public culture and put our families and children at risk. Please help us make sure that does not happen. Contact your legislator today.

We will keep you informed regarding the status of this bill. And please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Thank you for taking action.

Together we can make a difference,

Derek McCoy
President, Maryland Family Alliance

P.S. More legislation impacting families is pending in the Maryland House and Senate. We pledge to keep you informed. Look for more Action Alerts in the coming days and weeks.

P.S.S. Help us continue to bring you important updates  with your gift of $250, $100, or $50 – even $10 or $5 makes a difference as we fight for Maryland families. Give safely and securely online or mail your gift to P.O. Box 106 Annapolis, MD 21404.

Thank you for your partnership as we work to strengthen Maryland families!


Say NO to HB 1265-Does Gender Matter?
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