Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rosaria Butterfield

4:03pm Feb 19
I give thanks to God for Rosaria Butterfield's conversion from unbelieving lesbian activist to faithful Christian witness. I don't agree, though, with her buy-in to the view that there is a "sin of homophobia" any more than I buy in to the view of "incest-phobia" or "poly[amory]phobia." Nor do I think she reads Romans 1:24-27 correctly in context when she suggests that Paul viewed homosexual practice as no worse than any other sin. And her category of a "reparative therapy heresy" is uninformed. She writes:

"3. The reparative therapy heresy. This position contends a primary goal of Christianity is to resolve homosexuality through heterosexuality, thus failing to see that repentance and victory over sin are God's gifts and failing to remember that sons and daughters of the King can be full members of Christ's body and still struggle with sexual temptation. This heresy is a modern version of the prosperity gospel. Name it. Claim it. Pray the gay away."

Reparative therapy is not a "name it, claim it, pray the gay away" form of therapy. Quite the contrary. Nor does it presume that one will never again struggle with sexual temptation. Nor does it contend that becoming heterosexual is "a primary goal of Christianity." It aims are more modest: To help persons with same-sex attractions to deal with emotional wounds that contributed to the intensity of such attractions. In this it is no different from numerous other valid therapies that seek to help Christians who struggle with depression, anger, insecurity, and various other intense sinful desires.

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